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    Our Most Natural False Lashes

    People ask all the time what our most natural false lashes are. Good news, we have many! Plus, some of our handcrafted faux lashes even look like natural eyelash extensions. If you're worried about applying fake lashes, don't be! Our magnetic lash and liner application takes three minutes and doesn't require you to be a professional. It's the perfect option for beginners who want a full, gorgeous lash-look…but also don't want to be over-the-top. 


    These are the most natural false lash styles you need to try! 

    Most Natural MoxieLash False Lashes



    Here are our most natural false lashes from MoxieLash with easy-on application. In just minutes, you'll have the look of natural lash extensions with our magnetic eyeliner and lash system. You can also check out real customer reviews and pictures with each natural lash option. 


     Our Number One Most Natural Lash

    Our most popular magnetic lash style that is natural and amplifies your lashes in seconds.


    Here is our number one most popular natural false eyelash style!


    Classy Lash is our most natural magnetic eyelash style. 

    The Classy Lash is our number one most natural magnetic lash style! It's small, comfortable, and has been a top pick for women who like to add volume and fullness without being overwhelming. Perfect for enhancing your own lashes for a very natural lash look. 


    P.S- If you're new the lashes, this is the best fake eyelash for beginners.

    MoxieLash Fan Wearing Classy Lash

     Wearing classy magnetic lash style, our most natural eyelash from MoxieLash


    "Love these lashes. They look so natural and were very lightweight as well. Wore them all day and they stayed on without any adjustments." —Stacy




    Most Natural Mid-Length False Lash

      Here is our most natural mid-length false eyelash style!


    Before and after wearing MoxieLash most natural mid-length lash style


    Our most natural mid-length fake eyelash style.


    If Classy and Sassy Lash had a middle sister, Wifey Lash would be it. It's mid-length with tapered ends that give lift and volume to enhances your eyes without being too overwhelming. 

     MoxieLash Fan Wearing Wifey Lash

    Customer wearing her moxielash wifey lash style


    "These are my first MoxieLashes, and I love them soo much! Gorgeous, natural, but dramatic. These are my go-to everyday lashes!" —Damara 



    Most Natural Accent False Lashes


    If you're looking for false lashes that accent just the ends of your eyes, our Baby and Cheeky lash styles will be your go-to option. Both false lash styles work for all eye shapes, but especially those with hooded or mono-lids. 


    Baby Accent Lash


    Most natural accent lash


    Baby Lash: Baby Lashis our most universal lash style. It's simple, versatile, and the perfect accent lash for every day wear, or to add a subtle pop to any makeup look.


    MoxieLash Fan Wearing Baby Lash

     MoxieLash customer wearing Baby Lash


    "These are great to look a little more like you aren't obviously wearing fake eyelashes. I recommend this set for normal day to day wear." —Courtney




    Cheeky Accent Lash Style

    Cheeky Lash style is a stunning natural accent lash from MoxieLash.


    Check out Cheeky Lash, one of the most natural magnetic fake lash styles there is.  


    Cheeky Lash: The Cheeky Lash is our smallest accent lash. It adds a natural lift, and is perfect for small eyes & woman that like to lash incognito.


    MoxieLash Fan Wearing Cheeky Lash

    Wearing Cheeky Lash, a super natural fake eyelash style from MoxieLash. 

    "I'm in the medical field, so right now, we're covering our face for with mask, and the only thing you can see is our eyes. This gives a perfect little pop, so my patients can see my eyes are happy!" —Tabbatha




    Lashes That Look Like Natural Lash Extension


    If you want the look of natural lash extensions—we've got three! Check out our Happy, Sassy, Flashy magnetic lash styles for a gorgeous lash-look that doesn't require a two hour fill time every two weeks! 

    Natural Happy Lash Style

    Happy Lash is one of our most natural fake lash styles to amplify your eyelash look in just minutes!


    Our Happy Magnetic Lash style is a gorgeous and natural lash style you will love!


    Happy Lash:  The Happy Lash is made with Mink, and handcrafted with evenly distributed lashes in layers of varying lengths for a 3D voluminous lash-look that mimics the look of lash extensions.


    Wearing our Happy Magnetic Lash style that's gorgeous and natural looking. 

    "They make me happy, no joke!! One) They are easy. Two) They fit perfect on my eyes." —Jenny 




    Natural Sassy Lash Style


    Sassy lash is the perfect replacement for lash extensions.


    Sassy magnetic eyelash style is a stunning natural false eyelash that works for all eye shapes!


    Sassy Magnetic eyelash style is a gorgeous natural lash style


    Sassy Lash: Our most natural mink lash, Sassy lash, is our best-selling lash for a reason. Adds natural layers of lashes that give volume and length for a perfect, everyday choice.  


    MoxieLash Fan Wearing Sassy Lash

     Real MoxieLash customer wearing Sassy Lash


    "I've had lash extensions for over three years. Since the COVID 19 pandemic and stay at home order. My lash appointments were canceled. So I figured I'd try Moxie magnetic lashes. It took a few times to get them just right simply because I'm not used to applying eyeliner or lashes. I will say it's getting easier daily.

    I would recommend these to everyone." —Shannon




    Natural Flashy Lash Style

    Flashy Magnetic Eyelash Style 

    Flashy Lash is a gorgeous fake lash that looks like your own natural eyelash! 

    Flashy Lash: Fluttery, full and beautiful—Flashy Lash is your first choice lash when you want to glam up your day look. With their more wispy look and tapered drama favoring the outside edge, these mink lashes create a three-dimensional look that's perfect for adding lift and volume.


    MoxieLash Fan Wearing Flashy Lash

     Flashy Magnetic Eyelash Style is a very natural false lash that is stunning to wear.


    "The Flashy lashes are the perfect combination of natural and dramatic. They are so pretty and look great with glam or natural makeup." —Selena




    Top Natural Lash Kit


    Here is out most natural magnetic eyelash style kit from MoxieLash! 

     If you want a collection of our most natural lash styles all together, check out ur Natural Lash Kit! Comes complete with our Baby, Cheeky, and Classy lash sets, plus our full-sized black magnetic eyeliner and magnetic applicator. Everything you need to get multiple everyday natural looks.




    If you need help choosing a natural magnetic lash style, reach out to us at support@moxielash.com! 




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