Safety is Sexy Mask Makeup Tutorial

Kendra Stanton @ 2020-08-04 17:59:23 -0700

We think safety is sexy. Just because you have to wear a face mask while out in public, doesn't mean that your whole vibe and look have to be boring. In-fact, we strongly recommend using this as an opportunity (yes, it's an opportunity) to take your eyelash game to the next level with some serious Va-Va-Voom lashes. Check out our mask makeup tutorial below! 


Mask makeup tutorial with lashes that are full on glam!


To get you started, here are a list of all of the products that are used in this mask makeup tutorial—including the actual gorgeous and bling-bling mask by Get Stonned. 


Makeup Tutorial Products Used:

Watch The Mask Makeup Tutorial Below! 



The Step By Step Mask Makeup Tutorial


For step 1 for your mask makeup tutorial, add a creamy nude shade.

Step 1: Apply the eyeshadow shade, Cindy, to your entire lower eyelid, and then blend it into the contour of your eye. 


Step 2: place the color bybel along your lashline.

Step 2: Sweep the color, Bybel, along your lash-line.


Now apply the color Bully your for your step 3 in this mask makeup tutorial.

Step 3: With your finger, press on the shimmery color, Bully, into the corner of your lower eyelid and blend it into the center. 


Apply the shade Mondolla to the center of your eyelid for a shimmery, gorgeous look!

Step 4: Apply the shade, Mondolla, to the very center of your eyelid.


Apply the shade, Mondolla, to the outer corner of your lower eyelid.

Step 5: Apply the shade, A-O, to the outer corner of your lower eyelid. 


Apply your magnetic eyeliner to your lashline with a winged out liner look!

Step 6: Apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner to your lash-line with a winged out liner look (let your liner dry for three minutes)! For a full tutorial on how to nail your winged out magnetic eyeliner, go HERE


Next, apply your Boujie magnetic lash style from MoxieLash to get a bold, gorgeous lash-look!

(Boujie Lash)

Apply Sassy Lash to your lash-line for a gorgeous, flirty look!

(Sassy Lash)

Step 7:  Grab your Boujie or Flirty Magnetic Lash style and lock it in! Just place them along your lash-line (above your magnetic eyeliner), and they will instantly attach.  


You can catch the final looks in our YouTube video, HERE


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