The Best Magnetic Eyeliner--and How to Apply it

 You've seen our magnetic lashes, right? Well, today we're gushing about the best magnetic eyeliner on the market--hello MoxieLash. And we're talking about how to apply it the right way. So get ready for a step-by-step guide on how to use your magnetic eyeliner with your lashes. 

Here is the best magnetic eyeliner you should try and how to apply it!

Since the launch of the best magnetic eyeliner on the market (ours...duh), we've had tons of positive reviews. But, clients still have questions like, "how do I apply the eyeliner," which eyeliner do I get?" --and so on. So, we're going to go over all the questions you might have so that you can nail your liner game. 

First up, let's do a quick overview of what magnetic lashes you should get for your magnetic eyeliner. We have a ton of options to choose from based on your personal style. Here's a full rundown for you.

Classy Lash—For just a touch of glam that's very subtle and natural.

Sassy Lash—This one will be your jam for when you're feeling a little bit extra sassy.

Flashy Lash— Pop these on when you want your eyes to be BIG!

Baddy Lash— For bold, fierce lashes that make you feel like a badass.

Baby Lash— When you want that cutesy vibe.

Best Magnetic Eyeliner you can Get!

To be clear, we are all about our MoxieLash products--which means we put in the work to make our's stand out amongst the rest. Our best magnetic eyeliner comes in two formulas. We have a liquid magnetic eyeliner with a precision tip that allows for a seamless and precise application.

Then, we have our MoxieLash gel magnetic eyeliner for those of you who like a little more control. With our liner brush, you can apply the liner and get the look you want. 

People like options--so we wanted to give you two really badass ones so you can choose how you do your eyeliner. You're welcome.

Want to see them up-close and personal? You can shop our line of magnetic eyelinersHERE. We even have a mini liquid eyelineroption and a full-size brown magnetic liquid liner too! Again, having multiple formulations and even colors allows for you to create the makeup look you want all while getting to enjoy the simplicity of applying magnetic lashes. 

How to Apply the Best Magnetic Eyeliner

Applying the best magnetic eyeliner is pretty straight forward. But--there are a few thing's we've seen MoxieLash customers get confused about. Don't worry- we'll get to that. For now, though, let's just get the steps down for applying your magnetic eyeliner so that you can easily attach your lashes and get on with your day/life/all-the-things.

  1. Start by applying the best magnetic eyeliner along your lash-line. Begin at the inner corner of your eye, and then extend towards the end of your lash-line.
  2. Double up on that liner for extra magnetic action.
  3. Wait two minutes for your magnetic eyeliner to dry. Doing this is an essential step. 
  4. Once your liner is completely dry, you can then attach your magnetic lashes.
  5. Just simply put your magnetic lash close to the magnetic liner and watch it quickly grasp on and click into place. 

Common Magnetic Eyeliner Mistakes

Listen, applying the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner is pretty straight forward once you try it a few times. But there are a few common mistakes people make. Even though this is the best magnetic eyeliner around, it can still get messy if not used properly.

  1. That Dry Time: You NEED to wait for your eyeliner to dry. We're serious. If it's not dry, DO NOT put on your magnetic lashes. Getting the liner on your magnetic lashes makes them less effective and less magnetic when you go to use them the next time. Remember, your MoxieLash lashes can last up to 30 uses.
  2. Close your magnetic eyeliner entirely after each use to that it doesn't dry out.

How to Remove the Best Magnetic Eyeliner

To remove the best magnetic eyeliner, make sure you have the MoxieLash Cotton Swabs. You just crack open the package and wipe it over the liner. Just make sure not to get the Cotton Swabson your MoxieLash magnetic lashes as this can ruin them. 

If you need to clean off your eyelashes--do not use the Cotton Swabs. You want to make sure that you stay away from using oil to clean them. If you do get magnetic eyeliner on the magnets of your lashes, you can use rubbing alcohol to get it off.

Or--just wait for your magnetic eyeliner to completely dry so that you don't have to worry about cleaning them at all.

Alright, now that you know everything there is to know about the best magnetic eyeliner you can get--you should give it a try! 

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