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Let's Talk The Do's and Don'ts of Lashies™

With MoxieLash Pro, Anne!



Hey, guys, my name is Anne—Performance Content Director at MoxieLash by day and pro Makeup Artist by night (Glamnanne on IG)! I'm going to tell you all the things you should and shouldn't do with your Lashies™ so you can pop them open and get started immediately.



Don't know what Lashies™ are? We developed the first-ever Nano-Grip lash system on the market that instantly applies without glue or magnets (no dry time needed). They're designed with a clear silicone lash band that grips onto our clear or black Lashies™ Liner, holding for 24 hours. It's perfect for getting a natural-but-glam look in literal seconds.

Now that you know about Lashies™, I'm going to walk you through the do's and don'ts of applying, removing, and taking care of them. Ready to get the most out of every application? Let's go!


Lashies™ Application Do's & Don'ts


1. DO shake your Lashies™ Liner bottle for 10-20 seconds before applying it along your lash line. 


2. DON'T apply your Nano-Grip Lashes without our proprietary Lashies Liner. 

3. DO apply Lashies™ Liner and IMMEDIATELY apply your Nano-Grip™ lash style. No dry time is ever needed. 

4. DON’T use Magnetic Liner with your Nano-Grip Lashes. Only use Lashies Liner. 


    Lashies™ Application Do's & Don'ts


      1. DO gently lift your Nano-Grip Lashes out of the box by grasping the band with your Lash Applicator. Make sure to keep the silicone on the lash band completely intact. 

      2. DON'T ever grab your lashes by the hairs as this will damage them.

      3. DO place and press the silicone lash band onto the Lashies Liner. Squeeze the tip of the Lash Applicator together to a point and push lash band into your lash bed.


      4. DON'T forget to blend your Nano-Grip lashes with your natural ones by pressing your lashes together with the Lash Curler and then combing them out with the comb end of the Lash Applicator. 


      5. DO use your Lash Scissors to trim and customize lashes to your eye shape.  Once you decide what the length should be, trim from the outside in.


        Lash & Liner Removal Do's & Don'ts


        1. DO soak lash line with the All-in-1 Makeup Remover for 3-5 seconds or until they naturally start to lift off. 


        2. DON'T remove lashes by grasping the hair. Instead, gently lift the lash band at the outside corner with your Lash Applicator.


        3. DO use the All-in-1 Makeup Remover to erase the Lashies™ Liner. 


        4. DON'T ever remove the silicone from the lash band while taking off your lashes. 


        Lashies™ Care Do's & Don'ts


        1. DO use the ALL-IN-1 Makeup Remover to clean liner residue off of lashes. 


        2. DON’T clean lashes with Remover Swabbies or any visibly oily remover as it will damage them.


        3. DO brush your lashes out with the comb end of the Lash Applicator.


        4. DON'T forget to put your lashes back into the case they arrived in after each use—never leave them lying around without protection.


        If you need any more help, make sure to reach out to our fantastic customer service team at! 


        All My Best,


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