Naturally gorgeous or dramatically glamorous? Play up your best lash looks with our new Premium Bionic Silk Magnetic Lash Collection. Unlike anything else on the market, our premium engineered silk delivers airy and eye-opening results with real mink effects, while still being 100% cruelty free and weatherproof. Tap into your feminine mystique to create natural lash looks, or your masculine alter ego to channel boldness and drama. Want to find out more? We know you do.


What is Bionic Silk and What Makes it Cruelty-Free?


Check out the NEW silk magnetic lashes from MoxieLash.


Finally, mink has met its match with 100% cruelty free Bionic Silk, a synthetic lash material that’s designed to mimic the looks and feel of mink. This new technology is crafted with no animal byproducts making them fully synthetic and allergy-free. Plus, they’re lightweight false lash material was created to have the look and feel of lash extensions - every lash is placed with purpose, giving a truly three-dimensional look that’s impossible to not love. Imagine snapping on your dream lash and having it look amazing all day long, no matter what! That’s Premium Bionic Silk. And, you’ll even get up to 60 wears. 

Soak Up The Heat - You’re Silk Magnetic Lashes Won’t Budge


First fully waterproof magnetic lashes on the market from MoxieLash.

Our bionic silk material is unique with a 1/3 taper that creates a deeper, bolder look that also holds a stronger curl. Because they’re synthetic, they perform under pressure and maintain their curl and shape under extreme temperatures.This means you can go to hot yoga, soak up the sun, and play however hard you want all while keeping your lashes pretty and perfect. Try them for a beach first date, and you’ll be amazed at how flawlessly you can flutter your lashes while having fun in the sun!

And yes, our lashes are the very first weatherproof magnetic lashes ever created, and so is our liner. So go ahead, play as hard as you want. Your lashes aren’t going anywhere. 

 Silk Lashes Available in Feminine and Bold Styles


Take a look a these gorgeous lashes from MoxieLash that are the first ever silk collection.

With silk, you can choose your lash energy and bring it to the world. One that’s soft and sweet with naturally fluttery lashes, and another with a bold, brazen vibe that’s strong, masculine, and may or may not include fiery red eyeshadow. The good news? Our Silk Collection can do both, and you’ll always feel understood with these versatile, universally flattering lashes. 


You’ll want to collect every style after your first time wearing this one-of-a-kind collection, as the benefits go far beyond the sustainable materials. They’re also soft and feather-light on your lids, creating a natural appearance that could totally pass for your natural lashes, and have a band that bends to the curve of your eye shape to majorly match your mood. You know, whether it’s girly and glamorous, boyish and bold, or anything in between. 

Bold and Edgy Silk Lash Styles


Take a look at these edgy lash styles from the MoxieLash SILK collection.


EDGY: Craving a daring, sensual look? The Edgy Premium Silk Lash is rounded with wispy layers of three dimensional curl and volume. Tapered at both ends for a center-stage effect and alluring, irresistible vibe. You’ll still look like you…but you with an edge.

FLUFFY: You’ll float away on cloud 9 with Fluffy Premium Silk Lash. It’s soft flutter and featherlight volume gives full-lash payoff with center length and curl. Enhances all eye-shapes too with 10MAG customization. Sounds fancy, right? It is.

ZANY: Pump up the volume with Zany - our boldest Premium Silk 10MAG lash with major outer edge lift. Zoom in for 3D featherlight layers of silk that are lightly curled and lengthened in all the right places for big, eye-opening results. Now, go give the world some serious lash envy.

SWAGGY: You’re about to be thirsty. Swaggy Premium Silk Lash has varying lash lengths throughout that lift at the tip for silky fullness with curl. Catch a side view, and the three dimensional layers will make you wanna pop your own collar.

Feminine and Natural Silk Lash Styles


Silk lashes in feminine and natural styles.

CUTIE: Cute never looked so sexy. Get a knockout look with Cutie Premium Silk Lashes and instantly open and enhance your eyes. Add major flutter and softly tapered volume that lifts and curls to enhance all eye shapes.

COZY: Small, comfy, and featherlight - Cozy PremiumSilk Lash will quickly be on rotation. Get a relaxed look with airy light volume and 3D lash layers that feel good all day. You know your favorite pair of denim jeans? These are them in lash form. 

PLUSHY: Lightweight and soft to the touch, ourPlushy Premium Silk Lashes bring the ultimate natural glam look. With fanned-out, long wispy layers of the finest bionic silk, you’ll get a dose of luxe with each wear. They’re perfectly placed lashes that add three-dimensional drama, day or night.

BESTIE: When you meet your BFF, you just know. Bestie Premium Silk Lash is an instant game changer for a natural lash-look. The soft and flowy lash layers are tapered at the end to bring out the best in any eye shape. It’s your go-to lash for a subtle look you can wear anytime, anywhere.

How To Apply Silk Lashes


Applying magnetic eyeliner for SILK lashes!


Our Premium Silk Lashes are developed with a 10MAG lash band- which means you’re getting max comfort, fit, customization, and staying power. And, with our proprietary Magnetic Eyeliner, application is quite literally a breeze. Just choose your favorite Silk Lash, apply your magnetic eyeliner and let it dry for three minutes, then place on your falsie. It will instantly click into place and hold all day long, rain or shine. 


Applying silk magnetic lashes from MoxieLash! The first ever waterproof magnetic lashes.


When you’re ready to remove them, simply lift the outside corner and gently pull towards the inside corner of your eye. To remove any magnetic eyeliner, dip a cotton swab into the All-In-1 Makeup Remover and sweep along your lash-line. It will instantly take off your liner residue and any other long wear makeup. You can even clean the magnet on your lash band to keep them fresh for your next wear. 

After you’ve taken off your Silk Magnetic Lashes, make sure to put them back into the box they arrived in safe-keeping. 

Plus, Save Up To 30% Off With Silk Bundles 

Save big on silk bundles up to 30% off.


Take a look at our entire selection of Premium Bionic Silk Magnetic Lash bundles and save up to 30% off, HERE.

There Are Many Silk Lashes On the Market — They’re Just Not MoxieLash. 

We don’t mean to brag here but, MoxieLash has been a source of innovation in the beauty world for a hot minute. We’ve brought you the first-ever brown magnetic lashes (hello, The Honey Kit!), and countless 10-mag lash styles that guarantee you’ll never deal with messy glue or pokey lashes ever again. And while MoxieLash isn’t the first brand to bring Silk lashes into your beauty routine, ours are the first that are 100% weatherproof. 


They’re versatile, they’re voluminous, and va-va-voom in the best way - whether you’re channeling feminine mystique or dramatic masculine energy. They’ll bend to your unique eye shape and stay there all day long without the “heavy” feeling you’re used to on your lids. And don’t even get us started on the ingredients that let you look gorgeous without guilt. Our NEW Silk Lashes have arrived, and you’ll be vibing with every beautiful pair.  

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