The Top 5 BIGGEST Spring Makeup Trends!

From the red carpet, to Instagram and YouTube — we are zeroing in on the biggest Spring makeup trends for 2020, that experts, and beauty gurus alike, are filling their feeds with. Though, we kind of side-eye the word “trend” when it comes to makeup, because it’s personal, right? Individuality and “you being you” is essential no matter what is trending! At MoxieLash, we’re here to give you inspo and possibly encourage you to try something new. Especially now! When has there ever been a better time to be more playful and creative with your makeup looks? 

Here are the top 5 Spring Makeup looks for Spring 2020!

So Beauty, let’s play! Here are the top 5 biggest Spring makeup trends for 2020, that we think you’re going to love! Plus, we’re giving you some expert advice from our MoxieLash makeup artists with tips and tricks to “get the look.”

Trend #1: Pearls

Try wearing a pearl gem in your makeup look for spring!

Pearls aren’t just for necklaces, rings, and bracelets anymore. This Spring, dive into your creative side and adorn your eyes with dainty pearl stickies! Check out these tips below from Moxie makeup artist, Bee!

Moxie Makeup Artist Tip: “To bring this whole makeup look together, you’re going to want to “flush your blush.” Basically, apply your blush just to the apples of your cheeks — it gives an “angelic” vibe. Then, for your eyes, wear neutral eyeshadows, a winged liner, and then accentuate with a dainty stick-on pearl in the corner of your eyes, or wherever you would like.” —Bee

Trend #2: White Liner

White liner for spring makeup trends for 2020!

Back in the ’90s, white liner was trending — what goes around comes around, right? We’re not mad about it. White liner for Spring is clean, fresh, and adds a modern edge. Plus, it’s easy to apply no matter what your skill level. Here are some tips to get the look.

Moxie Makeup Artist Tip:“The cool thing about wearing white liner is that it speaks for itself — go simple with the rest! Choose neutral eyeshadow colors, a bright or nude lip (either is good), groom your brows, add some blush, and you’re finished!” — Kendra 

Trend #3: Blue Eyeshadow

Wear blue eyeliner or eyeshadow for 2020 Spring makeup trends.

Cobalt, indigo, light, bright, or dark — the full spectrum of blue eyeshadow colors are trending for Spring! Go bold, sheer, or stick with just liner. This isn’t a trend just for the runway or Instagram. You can absolutely wear it to the grocery store. 

Moxie Makeup Artist Tip: “There are MANY ways for you to wear blue eyeshadow this Spring! If you want to dip your toes in, but not fully commit, try a sheer eyeshadow on just your eyelid. Go with a cream eyeshadow formula in a blue shade. You can also try wearing just a blue eyeliner on your upper lash line. For those of you that want to go bold, my guess is, you’re used to applying all the bright shades. Blend your eyeshadow into your crease, or make it blunt with a cat-eye, feline edge. It’s really all about your mood anyway, right?” — Anne

Trend #4: Graphic Liner

Graphic eyeliner for a modern spring makeup look!

We saw this makeup trend last year, and it’s still coming in HOT! Don’t know what graphic liner is? No problem, we’ll educate you. This eyeliner trend is all about creative design, edges, and unusual placement. It’s modern, fun, and anything but classic. We see it mostly in magazines, the runway, and on makeup artist IG feeds — but, as trends do, we’re starting to see this look worn by the girl next door too. 

Moxie Makeup Artist Tip: “ You might need tape to fully master the graphic liner makeup trend of Spring 2020! To get this look, liquid eyeliner is going to be best as it's easier to get a sharp edge. First, you want to make sure that your eyeshadow is nude. Then, you can take your black liquid eyeliner and apply it into the contour of your eye as if you are tracing the shape it is. Then, apply it to your upper lash-line from the inside corner to the outside and connect it with the liner in your crease. It should come to a point at the end. You can place tape on the outside corner of your eye to make sure that the liner is sharp. Also remember, practice makes perfect. You might not get it right on the first try.” — Bianca

Trend #5: Nudes, Neutrals, and Pastels

Wear pastel colors or nudes and neutrals for a gorgeous spring makeup look in 2020!

Think glowy skin, a sheer bronze and peach flush to the cheeks, nude lips, and a pop of any pastel eyeshadow color. This is a spring makeup trend that anyone can create! The important thing is to blend it all together. For instance, if you have a pink eyeshadow on your eyes, try a nude lip. Or, if you have a pastel pink lipstick, opt for a neutral eyeshadow look! 

Moxie Makeup Artist Tip: “Nothing screams ‘Spring’ louder than pastels, am I right? You are probably seeing this makeup look popping up everywhere already, because anyone can do it. My favorite way to wear this trend though, is to add the pastel color into your eyeshadow look. If you have blue eyes, try a light blue, pink, or purple eyeshadow. If you have green eyes, try a mint green, blue, or pink! For those with brown eyes — lucky you! Just try them all. Oh, and pair the look with your favorite MoxieLash lash style. Obviously.” — Kendra

We hope you enjoyed these Spring makeup trends! You can shop our entire collection of MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes HERE. If you need help, reach out to us



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