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    The Top Three Full Volume Lash Styles

    We're showing you our top full volume and length lash styles that will give your eyes some major oomph! Get stacked layers of long, gorgeous lash fibers that curl and lift to open your eye shape in just minutes. Check out our top three voluminous magnetic eyelash picks below. 


    Our top three magnetic lashes with full volume and length!

    Magnetic Lashes with Full Volume, Length, and Oomph!

    If you're looking for lashes that speak for themselves, we've got you. Whether you want your lash style take center stage (no eyeshadow) or amplify a dramatic makeup look, they'll work for both. And the best part is that you can apply them in just three minutes with our magnetic eyeliner technology. 

    More on that below—let's talk full volume and length. 


    The Top Three Full Volume and Length MoxieLash Styles!

    Boujie Lash

    Boujie Lash is a full drama magnetic eyelash that makes your eyes stand out.

    Designed to turn heads—the Boujie Lashis bold and, no doubt, full-drama. Handcrafted with gorgeous layers of Premium Mink, these lashes are long, voluminous, and speak for themselves.


    Bossy Lash

    Bossy magnetic lash style is one of the top full and gorgeous lash styles from MoxieLash!

    Bossy Lash is the biggest lash in our 'OG collection.' Designed to enhance large, beautiful eyes with long, full, and crisscrossed layers of premium-mink lash fibers. While all of our magnetic lashes will garner a lot of attention and interest, the Bossy Lash will scream your presence from across the room. 


    Sexy Lash

    Sexy magnetic lash is one of our top three full, and gorgeous magnetic lash styles!

    Our Sexy lash makes you feel...well, Sexy! Handcrafted to look similar to lash extensions—the naturally dispersed lashes are delicately layered and tapered to create a full and lifted lash look. Made with faux mink and designed to enhance the seductive look you're going for well into the morning hours.


    How to choose your full volume lash style.

    You can choose your full volume lash style based on your lash style and eye shape. If you want the most volume and density, get Bossy Lash. For a more wispy, long, and full lash style, try the Boujie or Sexy magnetic eyelash style.

    Which lash is best for your eye shape?

    While all of our full-volume magnetic lashes work for any eye shape, we have broken down the ones that will enhance your eyes the very best. 

    Boujie: round, almond

    Bossy: round, almond, hooded

    Sexy:round, almond, hooded, monolid

    How to apply your full volume lash style.

    Step 1. Grab your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner and start to apply it to the beginning of your lash line. Then, gently trace along your lash line until you get to the end. You want your liner to be as close to your eyelash bed as possible. 

    Step 2. Let your magnetic eyeliner dry for three minutes, or until it is no longer tacky. You can do the "dry test" by gently touching your liner. If anything comes off, it needs to dry longer.  

    Step 3. Now that your magnetic liner is dry, you can apply your full volume and length lash style. All you have to do is place it above your eyeliner and as close to your lash bed as possible. Watch as it instantly locks right into place! 

    Need help choosing a lash style? Reach out to us atsupport@moxielash.com!



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