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Here’s the truth about magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, babe. Well, we’ll break it down for ya in this post like a 101 situation. I’m sure you’ve heard by now about magnetic eyelashes, but the easy-on application of the magnetic eyeliner takes up the ease of putting on lashes about 1,000 percent. Just one or two swipes of the magnetized liner and you’ve taken your lash-look to another level. Have you tried them before? Let’s chat.

Here's the honest truth about magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes plus tips and tricks.

How Does Magnetic Eyeliner Work?

First off, magnetic eyeliner is truly one of the most revolutionary beauty inventions ever for those of us who love the look of gorgeous lashes. Magnetic eyeliner is infused with iron particles that are safe and non-toxic to hold on your magnetic lashes. You just apply the liner like you would your traditional favorite and wait two minutes for it to completely dry. You can even add a second layer to ensure that you get a strong magnetized pull when you go to put on your lashes.

How Do You Apply your Magnetic Eyelashes?

Now that you know more about magnetic eyeliner, let’s talk lashes. Once you have applied your liner, you want to make sure that it is completely dried. This takes about two minutes. You need to make sure it’s entirely dry before applying your lashes—so, just tap your liner with your finger and make sure that no residue comes off. If everything is dry and looking good, you can choose your lash style and hold it up close to the liner. It will instantly click onto the lash line like a boss.

Once the lashes are on, they will stay all day (well, depending on the brand). You can wear them too hot yoga, in a wind tunnel, or to the office. No matter what you do, your lashes should stay put if you applied them properly.

What Are the Best Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes?

Since this technology emerged, there have been so many copycats of the OG—and first to market magnetic eyeliner from MoxieLash. There is Lashliner, Glamnetics, a new cheaper option from Ardell and a ton of others. But, if you're looking for one that’s waterproof and comes in a few formulas and colors that are also trusted and high-quality, MoxieLash is the best.

Where Can I Buy Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes?

You can find Magnetic Eyeliner on Amazon,, and a few other places. It’s not sold in stores yet, so online is the best place to find them. When you are looking to buy magnetic eyeliner, make sure that you check out the reviews to see what clients are saying. You can also try a starter kit to test out and find your favorite lashes. A few popular magnetic lashes to use with your eyeliner are the Classy Lashes for a really simple lash, and the Sassy lash for a step up glam look. You can even get a mini magnetic eyeliner to test out the magnetic eyeliner and see if it’s going to be your newest obsession.

We say, give it a go, babe!


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