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    Top 6 Fall 2019 Beauty Trends

    Babes, can you feel it? The weather is turning to more of a cool and moody vibe--which means, the Fall 2019 beauty trends are launching. We're here for it, are you? Let's chat about what hair and makeup trends will be trending in the very, very near future. 

    Glossy Smoky Eyes


    Glossy smoky eyes are hot-hot for this Fall 2019 beauty trends. It's a high-end look that's super easy to re-create. With just a few products like this glossy eyeshadow, you can have a simple on-trend look with mega sexy vibes. Just swipe your gloss eyeshadow on your entire eyelid and then press it in with your fingers. Top off this super badass look with a pair of MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes 'Baddy Lash'

    Natural Curls

    Here are the top 6 2019 beauty trends to try like naturally curly hair.


    Natural curls are definitely in for Fall 2019 beauty trends. Fake it with a curling iron, and curl cream--or rock what your momma gave you. Either way that curled hair, 7o's vibe is in, which means--yes babe, bangs included. 

    p.s- We think our Classy Lashes would pair well with this super organic, natural goddess vibe. 

    Terra Cotta Color Pop


    Okay, Terra Cotta is taking over the trend for Fall colors for 2019 beauty trends. Even better, it's a complete monochromatic, matchy-matchy look that includes the lips, cheeks, and eyes. However, if you're not feeling the "one color for everything" vibe, try a Terra Cotta eyeshadow on your eyelids, a dusty pink blush, and nude gloss. This color palette gives all the modern and Fall feel's.

    Diffused Red Lip

    Diffused red lips are a huge 2019 Fall Beauty Trend to try this season along with these 5 other trending beauty tips.

    Every season should include a red lip trend--but especially Fall. This year though, the red lip has a twist: it's called, "diffused." We weren't sure what the difference was between having stained red lips or diffused lips, so babe, here's the difference. It turns out there isn't any, which is good news! If you've already mastered the blotted red lip, then own this Fall 2019. But if you're newbie, here are a few tips. 

    1. Grab a red lipstick 
    2. Apply it to your lips.
    3. Blot it down with a tissue paper. 
    4. Bam, you're done. 
    5. Or not...add the MoxieLash Magnetic Sassy Lashes for a total kick-ass look. 

    Low Pony

    Top 6 Fall 2019 Beauty Trends like this low pony with a hair cute accessory option.

    The Low Pony Fall 2019 Beauty trend is exactly opposite of the iconic Ariana Grande, high AF ponytail. And--to be clear, "high" as in "sitting directly on top of her head." No judgment here, babe. We're just making sure you get the pony sitch 1,000% correct. 

    You can also switch up this hairstyle in different variations. Add a silk scarf around your pony for that total preppy look. Or, keep it fresh with a 90's throwback velvet scrunchie. And if you need a lash suggestion to go with--we say, the MoxieLash Baby Lashall-the-way. 

    Plum Hints

    Plum lipstick, plum eyeshadow, plum clothing picks--just incorporate the trending shade into all-the-things. Go wild, or keep it simple with a dusting of plum blended into the crease of your eye or dabbed onto your lips for a super Fall pout. Throw on your MoxieLash Flashy Lashes and boom; you'll be a whole mood and trending on twitter in no time.


    What Fall 2019 Beauty Trends are you going to try this year? 



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