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    Unboxing MoxieLash MUA Kit!!

    Today we're unboxing our MoxieLash MUA Kit to show you everything that comes with it. This kit is the largest collection of all of our hottest eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner formulas we have! Plus, you get a $100 savings when you buy all of these products bundled together in this ultimate lash-lovers kit. 

    Here is everything that comes in the HUGE MUA (Makeup Artist) Kit!


    Whether you want natural or glam lashes— the MUA (Makeup Artist) Kithas everything you need for unlimited lash looks. Or, if you are a makeup artist, this kit has what you need to make your lash application for clients a million times easier with. Plus, the magnetic eyeliner formula is water-resistant and perfect for your brides. Take a peek at what is included in this massive bundle of MoxieLash favorites. 

    Want to see everything that comes in the MUA (Makes Artist) Kit from MoxieLash?

    • 2 'Baby Lash' magnetic lash sets
    • 2 'Sexy Lash' magnetic lash sets
    • 2 'Money Lash' magnetic lash sets
    • 1 'Sassy Lash' magnetic lash set
    • 1 'Boujie Lash' magnetic lash set
    • 1 'Wifey Lash' magnetic lash set
    • 1 'Bossy Lash' magnetic lash set
    • 2 Original black mini liquid magnetic eyeliners
    • 1 Original black magnetic liquid eyeliner
    • 1 Original brown magnetic liquid eyeliner
    • 3 Boxes of Eyeliner Remover Swabs
    • 2 makeup brushes  
    • 1 MoxieLash cosmetic bag
    • 1 Magnet  
    • 1 PR box 

     Want to know even more about what's in this must-have box? Here are all the magnetic lashes you'll get and what they look like when you wear them! Check it out!

    'Baby Lash' magnetic lash

    Check out the Baby Lash magnetic eyelash in the MUA Kit!

    Simple and versatile, Baby lash is our most universal lash. It's a perfect accent lash for everyday wear. Just add Baby lash to any makeup look for a subtle yet beautiful pop.


     'Sexy Lash' magnetic lash

    Here is the Sexy Lash from MoxieLash that is found in the MUA Kit!

    Our Sexy lash makes you feel...Sexy! Tapered and full, these lashes enhance the seductive look you're going for. Made with faux mink, Sexy lashes maintain their curl all night long to ensure you're turning heads well into the morning hours.




    'Money Lash' magnetic lash 

    Money Lash magnetic eyelash is in the MUA Kit from MoxieLash and it's stunning! 

    The MoxieLash Money lash has a unique distribution of lashes to give it that full look expected from a name like "Money". Evenly distributed rather than cat-eye tapered, Money lash is ideal for adding more drama to big, beautiful eyes. Perfect for a girl who wants to make a statement. 


    'Sassy Lash' magnetic lash

     Sassy Lash from MoxieLash is included in the MUA Kit!

     Sassy lash is our best-selling lash for a reason! Our most natural mink lash, Sassy looks great on all eye shapes. When you're looking for a bit of luxury in your look, but don't want to go too dramatic or glam, Sassy is your perfect everyday choice.



    'Boujie Lash' magnetic lash 

    Here is the Boujie Lash magnetic eyelash from MoxieLash in the MUA Kit!

     A gorgeous lash in Premium Mink, the Boujie Lash is full drama and designed to turn heads. Perfect for Deep-set and Almond eyes, these lashes are long and curled to open up your eyes and enhance their size.




    'Wifey Lash' magnetic lash

    Wifey Lash is in the MoxieLash MUA Kit!

     The Wifey Lash is a beautiful, tapered vegan lash for the mid-to-large sized eyes. It's the perfect lash for everyday wear or as a statement set of lashes for a special night out.



    'Bossy Lash' magnetic lash

    Wearing Bossy Lash from MoxieLash in the MUA KIT!

     Keep it bossy with our biggest lash in our 'OG collection.' The Bossy Lash was designed for large, beautiful eyes. While all of our lashes will garner a lot of attention and interest, the Bossy Lash will scream your presence across the room. Express your inner boss with the lash to bat.



    Liquid Magnetic Eyeliners (Brown, Black, and Mini)

    You get three magnetic eyeliners in your MUA Kit from MoxieLash!

     The original Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula by MoxieLash is the first & still the best magnetic eyeliner on the market. The MoxieLash formula is last-all-day; it's water, not alcohol-based. Experience a weather-proof all day lash experience, without losing your hold.




    Eyeliner Remover Swabs 

    You get three Cotton Swab packages in your MoxieLash MUA Kit!

    The all-new MoxieLash Eyeliner Remover. Say goodbye to all your cleaning problems. Easily remove the eyeliner off of your eye. It works like a charm! Infused with olive oil, no alcohol. Safe for your eyes!


     MoxieLash Cosmetic Luxe Bag

    MoxieLash Luxe Bag is included in the MUA Kit!

    Our perfectly sized zipper pouch Luxe Bag keeps your MoxieLash products organized for home or travel. 



    How To Choose What Lash to Wear from the MoxieLash MUA Kit

     This kit comes with so many lashes! So, you can choose what to wear based on your mood or where you are going. For a more natural and daytime look, the Baby Lash is a good go-to. If you want a lash look that is somewhere between natural and glam, try the Sassy, Sexy, or Wifey magnetic lash styles. And— if you want the most glam lashes around, the Bossy, Boujie, and Money Lash styles are perfection. 

     In the end, it's all up to what feels the most comfortable for that day or occasion. 


    How to Use Your MoxieLash MUA Kit

     Because you get up to 30 uses from each of your 6 lash styles, you'll be able to have gorgeous lashes every day for approximately 6 months! But, in order to get the full use out of the magnetic lashes in you MUA Kit, you need to make sure you are taking care of them the right way. So, below you'll find the best tips and tricks for your MoxieLash magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner. 

     How To Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner 

     Because the liquid eyeliner comes with the brush already to use and apply— just simply wipe off any excess and apply like a standard liquid liner. Begin by applying at the inside corner of your lash-line and extending it towards the out lash-line. For some of the larger lash styles, you'll want to make your eyeliner a little thicker. 

     Once your eyeliner is applied, make sure to let it dry for two ENTIRE minutes before you go to the next step. 

     How To Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes

     If your eyeliner is completely dry (and we mean completely dry)— you are ready to apply your magnetic eyelash of choice. Just simply place the magnetic eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible and watch as it instantly locks into place. 

     Want to switch up your lash looks? No problem at all. Because your eyeliner is magnetic, you can easily swap out your lash styles whenever you feel like it. Just make sure that when you remove a lash style, that you put it back into its protective casing, it came in.

     Don't Do These Things With Your MoxieLash MUA Kit

    Now that you know how to apply your magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes, here are some extra tips you should know. 

    1.  DO NOT apply your makeup remover swabs to your magnetic lashes ever! If you happen to get the liner on the magnets, just use an oil-free based makeup remover to clean it.
    2. DO NOT apply mascara to your lash styles ever! If you want to wear mascara, make sure that you apply it before you add your lashes. We recommend using the mascara right after you apply your liquid liner. This gives your lashes some dry time too.
    3. DO NOT leave your lashes sitting in random places. You want to make sure that they go back into the box they came in. 

    Want To Watch The Unboxing Video? Watch it Below!



    Want to see a video of the MoxieLash MUA Kit being unboxed? Click on the video above and check it out!

    If you have any questions, please let us know at info@moxielash.com, and we'll be happy to help! Or shop our collection of lashes and kits HERE!








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