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    Vibey Lash On 5 Different Eye Shapes!

    We are excited to show you how the new Vibey Lash  looks on five different eye shapes! An exclusive to our Festival Collection, this party-ready magnetic eyelash is a gorgeous blend of bright and pale green. Do you want to see what it looks like on different eye shapes? Today, we’re showing you how the Vibey Lash looks on Hooded, Almond, Monolid, Round, and Deep-Set eyes! Check out all the ways these eyelash styles make different eye shapes pop!

    Vibey Lash on 5 different Eye Shapes like Monolid, deep-set, round, hooded, and almond!

    If you’re not sure what eye shape you have, you can always head over to our complete eye-shape guide HERE. Once you have figured out which shape best describes your eyes, you can go to our 'Lash Guide' on the left-hand side of our MoxieLash Lash Collections page HERE, and it will help find the best eyelash for you. 

    Vibey Lash on 5 different Eye Shapes like Monolid, deep-set, round, hooded, and almond!Here is a little more detail about the Vibey Lash— you’re going to love it! This magnetic eyelash style is vibrant green and mink! It has evenly distributed lashes like the Money Lash to bring a full lash look. Perfect for making a statement and giving off good vibes.

     Vibey Lash on Almond Shaped Eye

     Vibey Lash on the Almond Eye Shape!

    If you have almond-shaped eyes, it just means that they are shaped like an almond. You might notice that you have smaller eyelids and an eye shape that is longer in width than round.This eye shape tapers to a point by the tear duct and the outer eye. And last, you have a visible crease which can make for some killer eye makeup looks we all dream of. 


     Vibey Lash On Monolids

    Vibey Lash on the Monolid from the MoxieLash Festival Lash Collection.

    Monolids are most common in Asian women. They feature less (if any) of an eyelid and don’t have much of a crease. Wearing a larger lash style, like the Vibey Lash, can make this eye shape look much bigger than they really are! 

     Vibey Lash on Deep Set Eyes

    Vibey Lash on Deep Set Eye Shape from MoxieLash Festival Collection!

    If you have deep-set eyes, your eyes sit a little deeper into the eye socket. Wearing a lash with longer eyelash fibers, like the Vibey Lash, will draw out your eye shape even more!


    Vibey Lash on Hooded Eyes

    Vibey Lash on the Hooded Eye Shape from MoxieLash Festival Collection!


    Hooded eye ladies have a strong brow bone with a deep-set crease. When the eye is open, the upper eyelid almost touches the lash line, and the lower eyelid is completely hidden




    Vibey Lash on Round Eyes

    Vibey Lash on Round Eyes from the Festival Lash Collection!

     You can easily balance out round eyes and make them pop with Vibey Lash! Round eyes just mean that your cornea shows more than say…an almond eye shape. They are a bigger eye shape that usually has tons of eyelid space to play with makeup on.

     Like the Vibey Lash? You can get your own pair HERE! Or, shop our entire collection of Festival Lashes HERE

     If you want to find your everyday lash style, go HERE.

     Need help finding your lash style? You can always email us at info@moxielash.com and, we would be happy to help!




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