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Blending your eyeshadow to perfection can feel like a part-time job, but it doesn't have to be. According to the viral TikTok eyeshadow trend that's making its way around social media, you don’t need expert makeup artist skills for an optimal blend of light and dark colors anymore!


The internet's latest TikTok challenge is a foolproof way to ensure you have an even eyeshadow application. You'll be out the door in minutes flat!


What Is the TikTik Eyeshadow Blending Trend?



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A simple technique to create a gradient effect with eyeshadow will have you looking glam in no time! All it takes is applying different shades of eyeshadows vertically on your lid, focusing darker colors at the outer corner and lighter ones towards the inner corner. Then simply blend using sweeping motions until everything looks blended together seamlessly.


That’s it.


We’re not exaggerating in the slightest. The Tik-Tokers of today are literally just like anyone else trying to figure out the best eyeshadow hacks. And, we’re all (even the professionals) taking notes because the results are stunning.


Easy Eyeshadow Hack Tutorial


To start, you’re going to want to grab two eyeshadow brushes: a flat and blender brush. You also need at least three eyeshadow colors to create that pretty gradient look on your eyes.


Eyeshadow hack for perfectly blending your dark and light colors.


Step 1: Sweep your darkest colored eyeshadow on the outer eyelid in a vertical line with your flat brush. 


Step 2: Place your next lightest color next to the dark shade in the same vertical placement.


Blend your eyeshadow together with this easy TikTik hack.


Step 3: Same with your next lightest shade. Add as many colors as you want, just make sure they go from dark to light and outside in.


Step 5: Use your blender brush and gently sweep over the colors—they’ll blend together seamlessly. Make sure to focus on the crease of your eye as well (and don’t go up any higher).


Blend your eyeshadow together for a gorgeous look. 

Want Another Easy Eye Makeup Hack?


Here’s how we finished off this TikTok eyeshadow hack and elevated it even more with Lashies. If you’ve never tried Lashies false lashes, you’re missing out! This two second lash application requires zero dry time and has no glue or metals. It’s perfect for anyone who experiences sensitivity to fake eyelashes.

 Apply your Lashies Liner


Apply your Lashies Liner:

Trace your lash line with the black or clear Lashies Liner. In this tutorial…we chose black. For an extra natural, lash-extension look, choose clear.

 How to apply your Lashies false lashes by MoxieLash

Place on Lashes:

While your liner is still wet, place on your Lashies. The NanoGrip™ Lash Technology on the lash band instantly grips to the Lashies liner for an optimal bond that’ll last up to 24 hours. Plus, you can get up to 25 uses from each Lashies lashes with proper care.

In our (not so) humble opinion, this lash hack and eyeshadow blending Tik-Tok trend are the perfect easy eye makeup pairing.


Try the Trend Yourself

Try this TikTok trend yourself. 

Now that we've given you the low-down on the most trending eyeshadow hack of 2021, it's your turn to give it a try! Tag us on IG @moxielash with your viral TikTok eyeshadow look and MoxieLash lashes for a chance to be featured. 



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