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    Welcoming the MoxieLash Welcome Kit!

    New to MoxieLash and magnetic lashes? We've just launched our NEW Welcome Kit with all the essentials to get you started. Now you can Level Up Your Lash Game with our most popular products for beginners. Ready to get started? Check out what's in this lash kit below.


    Check out the new welcome kit from MoxieLash! 

    What's In the Welcome Kit

    Our NEW MoxieLash welcome Kit is here! Check out all the details inside.

    Now you can switch up your lash mood in minutes for all your day to night lash looks with the Welcome Kit! Curated together for the MoxieLash beginner, it's the perfect lash kit to get you started. It includes Sassy, Wifey, and Happy Lash, a black and brown mini liner, the luxe bag, and a full-size cleanser.

    Want to know what's even better, though? This lash kit is a $200 value, and we're giving it to you for only $149! Plus, you can split up your payments into four easy, interest-free installments with AfterPay! 



    • 1 'Sassy Lash' Magnetic Lash Set
    • 1 ‘Wifey Lash’ Magnetic Lash Set
    • 1 ‘Happy Lash’ Magnetic Lash Set
    • 1 Black Mini Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
    • 1 Brown Mini Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
    • 1 All-in-1 Makeup Remover
    • 1 Luxe bag

    Check Out The Welcome Kit Reviews!

    "MoxieLash is my new favorite obsession! At first, I started with the sassy lashes and expanded to the Welcome Kit. I have since given them as birthday gifts, and my friends keep asking me where I find my lashes. I highly recommend to get your lash on with MoxieLash!" —Janelle


    "I wear them every day! I love them—they are perfect for day and night without overwhelming my face." —Lena


    "I have never liked full lash strips, but I absolutely love these lashes. They are super easy to apply, stay all day, and don't weigh down your eyelids. Plus, they add just enough lash without being over the top for day to day life. A+!" —Llona


    "After trying some lashes purchased in a pinch from a local drug store display (used twice, by 4 hrs into my 12 he shift, I had to remove) I decided to see what all the hype over MoxieLash was. They remained in place without difficulty until the end of my shift, and until I removed them!" —Andreea


    About The Welcome Kit Lashes!

    We're going to give you a full breakdown of each of the lash styles included in the Welcome Kit! Check them out below. 

    Sassy Lash Makeup Look


    Sassy Lash makeup look that you can create from the MoxieLash Welcome Kit!


    "Absolutely love these lashes!! Great curl and height. They are absolutely gorgeous!" —Sherry T. 

    Wifey Lash Makeup Look


    Check out the Wifey Lash from MoxieLash and this gorgeous makeup look!

    "Lasts all day. Just the right amount of volume and fullness! I could wear these all day every day and not be disappointed." —Amanda 


    Happy Lash Makeup Look 


    Happy Lash Makeup look from MoxieLash Welcome Kit!


    "I absolutely love Happy Lash. They are the perfect length and give just enough volume & Glam that’s perfect for me." —Linda V.

    Want to get started? Get your own Welcome Kit today and level up your lash game.




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    308 Reviews

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