Mink false eyelashes are an alternative to synthetic eyelash extensions or synthetic false lashes. Rather than being made of manmade fibers, these false eyelashes are made of natural fibers. They look more like real hair because they are real hair, making them one of the best ways to achieve a natural lash look.


That said, not everyone likes the idea of wearing lashes that are made from the fur of an animal, particularly if they follow a vegan lifestyle. Luckily, there are other options out there that look just as good if it’s not your thing. And the best part? You can get both kinds of magnetic lashes from MoxieLash.  


What Is A Mink?


A mink is a small furry mammal in the Mustelidae family, which is the greater order of weasels. Minks, stoats, ferrets, otters, wolverines, polecats, and badgers are all mustelids.  


Why Do We Use Their Hair For Eyelashes?


Mink fur is a completely natural source of hair. It perfectly mimics the shine and strength of healthy human eyelashes. The fur is feathery and wispy and just the right length to be versatile enough for dramatic or natural lashes. 

Because the fur is natural, it lasts much longer than its synthetic counterparts. While synthetic eyelashes can only be worn a few times without looking tattered and eyelash extensions can sometimes last as little as 14 days, mink eyelashes can last for 30 or more uses before they need to be retired. 


Can Mink Eyelashes Be Vegan and Cruelty-Free?


No animal-derived product can ever be considered vegan or cruelty-free, no matter the circumstances. That’s just the way the terms are defined. Honey from your neighbor’s bees or eggs from your pet chicken cannot be considered vegan or cruelty-free either. 

Naughty Lash - 10 Magnet


Mink fur can be derived from brushing a mink. There’s no reason to kill the mink strictly to make eyelashes. The animals naturally shed, just like cats or dogs. The hair can be collected from the brush used on the mink, sanitized, and treated before it ultimately becomes mink eyelashes. 

If you’re dead set on using products that don’t affect animals, even in this fairly minor way, MoxieLash has tons of lashes made of silk that are fluttery, soft and gorgeous. We really have something for everyone! 


What Is Faux Mink?


Some people aren’t comfortable using mink lashes, no matter how the hairs were obtained. Faux mink serves as an excellent alternative. Faux mink is a manmade vegan material. Synthetic fibers are engineered to closely mimic the shape, thickness, and texture of natural mink fur. The fibers are sometimes blended with real silk fibers to make lashes softer, fuller, and a little more luxurious. 

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As we mentioned before, you can also use lashes made of silk for a similar look without compromising on any of the quality. 


Is Faux Mink Or Real Mink Better?


It depends on who you ask. Some people are unwilling to use real mink eyelashes. But there are those who do love them. They’re always impressed with the longevity and realistic appearance of the natural fibers. 

People who use faux mink or silk certainly aren’t complaining either. It’s completely ethically sourced and safe for vegans.

Faux mink looks way more natural than the types of synthetic fiber typically used by many eyelash companies. Whether you use real mink, silk, or faux mink, you’re still getting a higher quality eyelash than the kind you pick up at the drugstore. 

The answer to this question can be simply put like this: whichever makes you happier is better. We happen to make many beautiful varieties of both real mink and faux mink lashes—something for everyone! 


Are Mink False Eyelashes Better Than Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions are always made of synthetic fibers. They cannot be made of human hair. The kind of glue needed to create that permanent bond typically won’t work with natural fibers. It’s all a part of the scientific process. 

 Are mink lashes safer than wearing lash extensions?


Eyelash extension glue uses abonding agent called cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is also the main bonding agent in super glue. It doesn’t work to stick things together by making them sticky, but by hardening instantly with the presence of the moisture in the air. Small hardened fibers of glue encircle two objects to create a bond that’s difficult to break. It’s almost like they’re tied together by strong, invisible vines.

When you get eyelash extensions, the acrylic compound in the super glue melts to your eyelash just a little bit to create that bond. The eyelash, like the glue compound, is synthetic. They’re designed to stick together very well. This is a bonding effect that simply won’t work with human hair or natural fibers. 


Many eyelash extension technicians will do a beautiful job of applying a full set and maintaining it for you. Eyelash extensions can be amazing things, but they require an extraordinary amount of expensive maintenance. The fibers aren’t designed to last long, and the glue can only last as long as the fibers do. As a result, you’ll find yourself shelling out hundreds of dollars a month just for maintenance. 

This is where mink false eyelashes have eyelash extensions beat. Since mink lashes are natural fibers designed to last a very long time, you can get an entire month of wear out of one set of false eyelashes. No appointments, no repairs, and not even any glue. Magnetic mink eyelashes snap right onto magnetic eyeliner. They snap off when you’re done. It’s a really easy process that doesn’t take more than a minute or two. 


Mink eyelashes will always have the advantage over eyelash extensions when it comes to time, quality, and money. Sure, mink false eyelashes are substantially more expensive than synthetic fiber eyelashes you’ll find in the beauty aisle at the grocery store. They’re also designed todramatically outlast them. They look very realistic, and you don’t need to fuss with adhesives of any kind of you opt for a magnetic set. 


How To Choose Mink False Eyelashes


If you’re new to mink false eyelashes or magnetic eyelashes in general, there’s going to be a little bit of a learning curve. It’s a completely different method of application, and for that reason, you might want to choose your lashes based on a different set of criteria. 

Baddy Lash - 10 Magnet


If you have smaller eyes and you find yourself trimming down strip lashes quite a bit, you might want to usemink accent lashes. Magnetic mink lashes have magnets on either end of the band. If you were to cut those magnets off, there would be no way for the lash to stick to the magnetic liner. You would have to cut all the way up to the end of a magnet to create a complete strip. 

If you find that most standard false eyelash bands fit you comfortably without any trimming, you’re free to pick solely based on aesthetics. Do you like big fluffy dramatic lashes? Go for it. Do you prefer conservative everyday wispies? Do your thing. 


Are Magnetic False Eyelashes Safe?


Magnetic false eyelashes are completely safe. There are no dangers associated with magnetic liquid eyeliners or magnetic lash strips. Some optometrists prefer that their patients use magnetic lashes instead of glue on lashes or lash extensions because there are no chemical adhesives being used in the eye area. 

Eyelash extensions use a very powerful adhesive that can cause serious irritation if it ever enters the eye. That’s why eyelash technicians are extremely careful in the way they apply them. If you’re worried about danger, eyelash extensions should leave you with significantly more cause for concern than magnetic strip lashes. 


Getting Started With Magnetic Mink False Eyelashes


If you’re new to magnetic mink false eyelashes, the best place to start is with aneyelash kit. A kit will give you the magnetic eyeliner you need to secure your eyelashes, a few pairs of different styles of eyelashes, an applicator tool, and makeup remover swabs to help you take your eyeliner off when you’re done. 



Since each pair of lashes can last more than 30 uses, you can expect to get 90 full days of wear out of a kit. If you don’t need to wear your lashes every day, a kit will last you much longer than three months. It comes at a fraction of the price of a first-time lash extension application. 

Applying magnetic mink false eyelashes is different from applying other kinds of eyelashes. It’s actually a lot easier. You’re probably used to laying down a small band or wing of liquid eyeliner before you put your eyelashes down. This helps to disguise the lash band and makes it easier to use dark adhesives. You’ll do this step the exact same way, but you’ll use the magnetic liquid liner instead of your other liquid liner. 

Then, you’ll select the lashes you want to wear. Pick them up with the applicator, and set them down on the liquid liner. They’re going to click in place, and you’re done. The glue step is simply removed from the equation. Almost everything else stays the same. 


We’re all trying to be more informed consumers. We want to know where our products come from, how they work, and if they’re safe. This is especially important for products we use on sensitive areas of our bodies, like our eyes. Magnetic mink eyelashes are perfectly safe and perfectly beautiful— in fact, they’re safer than any other kind of eyelash you may use. 

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