Lashes add oomph to any makeup look, whether you’re going for simple chic on a Zoom call or influencer levels of glam for a date. Sure, mascara is always nice… but this cult favorite has a dark side, and we’re not talking about the ultra-black color that coats your lashes on the regular. Should you choose magnets lashes over mascara? Find out for yourself. 

We’ve all dealt with the struggle - mascara that clumps, smears, or fades throughout the day and diminishes even the best makeup looks. While we’ll never not collect a million tubes of mascara at the bottom of our makeup bags, there is a way to give your lashes the length, volume, and definition they deserve without the downsides. And it’s called MoxieLash magnetic lashes. 


Here's Why You Should Ditch Your Mascara

Happy Lash

$90.00 $30.00

Happy Lash

$90.00 $30.00



With your favorite pairs of magnetic lashes in your collection, there’s never any sticky situations. Literally. There’s no glue that sticks and smears, just a simple snap onto the lids that adds instant drama and definition to any look. Or a natural enhancement, as we have those pairs too! Set your mascara aside and bring a few pairs of falsies into your bag, as they’re a must-have for any makeup routine. Here’s why:

The Pro’s and Con’s of Mascara

Mascara has likely had a place in your beauty routine since you first started using makeup, but have you ever thought about the actual application process? We all like to apply a few coats and see a subtle, striking lash enhancement that catches glances during your virtual work meeting, but you need to get through a few obstacles along the way. What should you know about mascara? Especially when trying to outweigh the pros and cons against magnetic lashes? See below. 


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Naturally enhanced results
  • Unique formulas that match your lash type
  • Can be curled beforehand for extra length and volume
  • Generally affordable
  • Can also coat bottom lashes
  • Many formulas last throughout the day
  • Ideal for everyday makeup looks


  • May smudge or clump while applying
  • Some formulas can run or smear after several hours - especially in humidity
  • May need to be reapplied throughout the day
  • Won’t alter your lashes as much for a dramatic effect
  • Can damage your lashes

Should You Wear Mascara With Magnetic Lashes?

It’s a natural thought. If you can’t choose between subtle, sweet lashes from your mascara or voluminous effects from your magnetic lashes… why not both? It’s definitely possible to do, but you must be strategic to take your makeup looks to great lengths. Pun intended. Many beauty experts recommend placing one very light coat of mascara on your top lashes before applying your falsies, as this allows the magnetic lashes to blend with your natural ones. It also defines your eyes and makes it less obvious that you’re wearing falsies, as your natural lashes won’t stand out against them. 


Using both mascara and falsies at the same time is a beloved beauty trick for your most exquisite eyes, and it’s even easier to do with MoxieLash magnetic lashes. The magnetic liner won’t intervene with the formula from your mascara, and you’ll get the long, luxurious lashes you desire without needing to reapply or worry about smudging throughout the day. Just be sure to add the mascara  before applying your magnetic lashes, not after!

 Magnetic Lashes are a Game Changer

Some things in life just click, and your magnetic lashes are one of them. No messing with sticky glue or worrying about messing up your eyeshadow - just one magnetic strip with 10 tiny magnets that snap onto your magnetic liner in seconds. 


Not only are magnetic lashes incredibly easy to apply, they offer more versatility and style than any mascara you’ve ever tried. You can shop natural, subtle pairs for your everyday looks, while occasionally giving your makeup a beautiful boost with a dramatic set. Need more convincing? Even Paris Hilton is obsessed with our magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliners, saying that she’s “never touching glue-on lashes ever again.” And if magnetic lashes from our Happy Kit good enough for a queen like Paris, they’re definitely good enough for you!

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Unlike other falsies that are applied with glue, MoxieLash magnetic lashes lock to your lash line with ten tiny magnets. While you can’t see them, the rounded section of your falsies are made to lock onto your MoxieLash magnetic liner - a liquid, waterproof, and smudge-free secret formula.  




Step 1: Grab your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner in brown or black and apply it to your lash line. After it is applied, you want to wait three minutes for it to dry.


Step 2: Once your liner is dried, decide what MoxieLash falsie you want to apply and lay it on top of your liner. It will instantly lock right into place.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

Much longer than the typical tube of mascara, we’ll tell you that! But in all seriousness, our 10 magnet lashes lock on with ease and deliver high-quality wear with up to 50 uses. Yes, 50! But, you need to make sure you take care of them to get max wears. Here are a few tips to get full use:


1. Don't get mascara on them as that can permanently damage them.


2. Dip a cotton swab into the All-In-1 Makeup Remover and swipe it along your lash line. This will loosen your lash and make it easier to take off. 


3. Once your lash is off, place it back into the protective case it came in. 


What are the Best Magnetic Lashes?


Listen, we may be a little biased here… but MoxieLash offers the best magnetic lashes (and magnetic eyeliners!) to take your look from minimal to mega-Moxie in seconds. You can choose your favorite lash styles for all occasions - including Classy, Cheeky, and Baby for a natural enhancement or Pretty and Wifey for mid-level glam. Looking for an A-list opinion? Happy Kit is Paris Hilton’s favorite, while Frankie Grande loves the Sassy Kit to take from the sidewalk to the Broadway stage. Your style is uniquely yours, and we can guarantee that MoxieLash has all the best magnetic lashes to keep you looking gorgeous at all times. 

In the end, we love mascara, but we’re obsessed with our magnetic lashes. So, why not use them both? 

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