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    Your BIGGEST Lash Struggles SOLVED!

    Today, we're answering ALL of your biggest lash struggles that most people have! Whether you’re experienced in false lashes, or new, it’s only normal to have a struggle or two. You’re not alone, and luckily with every problem comes a solution.

    Today we're answering all of your biggest lash questions and how to solve them!


    You deserve to have the BEST relationship with your lashes, and we don’t aim for anything less than that at MoxieLash. Our mission is to take the drama and mess out of applying lashes.

    So today, we’re breaking down the most common struggles people have with magnetic lashes and how to solve them. Let’s get to it!

    Lash Struggle #1:  Your magnetic eyeliner gets on your eyelid. 

    MoxieLash Answer:  To keep this from happening, make sure that you use an eyeshadow primer before you apply your eyeshadow. This helps to keep your magnetic eyeliner secure on your lash-line. 

    If you have hooded eyes, make sure to look down while applying your magnetic eyeliner. You can also hold your mirror under your chin so that you can still see your lash-line, this creates the perfect angle to apply your magnetic eyeliner without getting it onto your lid. Keep your eyes shut after your application for three minutes and allow the liner to dry. 

    Lash Struggle #2:  Your magnetic lash band is too long.

    MoxieLash Answer

    Step 1:  Measure your magnetic eyelash to your lash-line BEFORE you apply your magnetic eyeliner. You don’t want the lash to attach to your liner just yet—you are just seeing if the lash-band is the correct size.


    Step 2:  Take note of where the magnets are on your lash band. You always want a magnet on both ends of the lash when you trim them.


    Step 3:  You want to trim from the outer corner, not the inner corner.


    Step 4:  Now you can trim flush to the magnet on the outside of your lash-band to shorten it with the MoxieLash Scissors. Start with trimming next to one, and then if you need to trim more, you can! Again, there should be a magnet on both sides of the lash-band.


    Step 5:  Now, you can apply your magnetic eyeliner, wait three minutes for it to dry, and lock in your magnetic lashes!

    Lash Struggle #3:  Your magnetic eyeliner is hard to get off. 

    MoxieLash Answer:The best way to remove yourMoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner is with ourEyeliner Remover Cotton Swabs or micellar water. If you are using the Eyeliner Remover Swabs, you want to press them along your lash-line and soak the liner first with one side. Make sure that you remove your magnetic lashes before you remove the magnetic eyeliner with the swabs. You do not want to get any oil on your lashes, as this can ruin them. 

    Lash Struggle #4:  You want to know the difference between the gel and liquid magnetic eyeliner.

    Lash Answer:  Our gel and liquid magnetic eyeliner both work perfectly with all of our magnetic lashes. When deciding between the two, it really comes down to your preference. The liquid liner will give you a more precise line and is great for those who are experienced at applying eyeliner. The gel liner dries super matte and is perfect for a smokey look. We recommend starting with the gel eyeliner if you’re new to applying eyeliner.

    Struggle #5:  If you need a lash style that is somewhere between the Classy and Sassy Lash styles.

    MoxieLash Answer:  If you are looking for a lash style that is bigger than Classy Lash, but smaller than Sassy Lash— you’ll want to check Wifey Lash. It is shorter than Sassy, and has more lash fibers than Classy.

    Lash Struggle #6:  You don’t know if you should get the Daytime Kit or Natural Kit.

    MoxieLash Answer:  Both theDaytime Kit andNatural Kit come with Classy Lashes, Cheeky Lashes, Baby Lashes, and a black magnetic eyeliner. However, the Daytime Kit includes our magnetic eyeliner removers and a luxe bag. The Natural Kit comes with lash applicators and a deluxe box with a mirror. When choosing between the two, it really just comes down to which of the accessories you prefer.

    Lash Struggle #7:  You want to know how to clean your magnetic lashes.

    MoxieLash Answer:

    Step 1:  Remove your magnetic lashes and set them aside.

    Step 2:  Grab oil-free makeup remover or micellar water. Please note that if you choose makeup remover it MUST be oil-free. Oil will ruin the magnetic lashes.

    Step 3:  Put the makeup remover or micellar water on a Q-tip and gently rub off any excess makeup on the magnetic lashes.

    Step 4:  Once you’re finished cleaning your lashes, put them safely back in the box they came in.

    We hope that this article on answering lash struggles was helpful to you. Remember, if you have any questions or ever need support, feel free to email us atinfo@moxielash.com!



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