Can I wear mascara with my MoxieLash?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-07 02:36:02 -0700

Yes, you can wear mascara with any of your MoxieLash lash styles. In fact, wearing mascara helps your MoxieLash magnetic lashes blend better with your natural lash; especially if you are blonde or have lighter lash hair. However, it is vital that you please make sure to apply your mascara prior to applying your magnetic lashes and not after so that you don’t get makeup on your lashes.


It is really important that you don’t get wet mascara on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes as this can ruin them permanently. If you do get wet mascara or any other makeup on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes, please remove it quickly with our any water-resistant makeup remover. Our Q-Tips will help to quickly remove any unwanted makeup residue on your eyes.


Again, We do not recommend putting mascara or our remover Q-tips directly onto your MoxieLash lashes as that could permanently damage them.


Here are some basic steps for applying mascara with your MoxieLash magnetic lashes:


  1. Curl your lashes with your MoxieLash lash curler. Grasp your lashes in between your lash curler and bend your lash upwards to get a nice gorgeous curl. This step will also help your MoxieLash magnetic lashes blend with your natural ones.
  2. Next, apply your mascara of choice over your freshly curled lashes.  One layer of mascara should be enough, but if you want to do more, that’s great too!
  3. Apply your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner. You can start by applying your magnetic liquid or gel liner at the inner corner of your eye and sweeping it along your upper lash line until you get to the outer edge. You can choose the gel liner for a more matte liner look (a little easier to use if your new to liner), or our magnetic liquid eyeliner for more precision and a fine line.
  4. Then apply your MoxieLash magnetic lash extensions over your eyeliner making sure it’s very close to your lash line. You can check out the MoxieLash method for more details on application tips, plus watch out ‘How To’ tutorials.
  5. Your lashes should look amazing as is, but if you want to get picky, take  a spoolie or clean disposable mascara wand and try brushing underneath your natural lashes to blend them with your MoxieLash magnetic lashes.