How do I choose what MoxeLash magnetic lash style to get?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-07 02:44:55 -0700

All of our MoxieLash lash styles were created with purpose and with you in mind. Each lash is individually crafted to fit whatever mood you’re in. So, it’s easy, choose a style and go with it.


We have three MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes to choose from and tons more coming, so keep checking back! Right now though, we have the Classy, Sassy, and Flashy lashes to become obsessed with.


Our Classy MoxieLash magnetic lash style is our most natural looking lash and perfect for every-day and all occasions. If you want your eyes to look polished in just seconds with full, gorgeous, and natural looking lashes, the Classy is for you. If you are just beginning with lashes, try the Classy magnetic lash style for a stunning look that will accentuate your makeup routine in just seconds.


If you’re feeling a little “extra” however, then our Sassy MoxieLash might be the one. Each individual lash is crossed and stacked with a slight flair to add length and drama to the eye in the most natural looking way. Wear these lashes anywhere you want; to the grocery store, or a wedding. If you’re the sassy make the rules.


All the flashy ladies, come this way. Our Flashy MoxieLash magnetic lashes are our most dramatic with the biggest payoff for serious lash amplification. They will up your look in seconds for a gala, wedding, or just because you can. You can easily apply them by lining your lash line with our MoxieLash magnetic liquid eyeliner or gel formula.


You see, when it comes to choosing your MoxieLash lash styles, it’s all about you, babe. However, if you need some help making a choice, we are always here to help. Contact us at, and we will make sure to respond within 24 hours.