How do I clean my MoxieLash?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-07 02:35:31 -0700

If you happen to get any makeup on your MoxieLash lash styles, don’t worry, but please make sure you get it off! You can remove makeup from your lashes easily with oil free micellar water. As our liner is waterproof, be sure your removal solution is designed for water-resistant makeup. Be careful though, and remember to be as gentle as possible as you take off any cosmetics and are cleaning your lashes; you don’t want to damage your MoxieLash lash styles.

Warning! Please do not use your olive oil q-tips, or any oil based product on your MoxieLash lashes! Oil can cause damage to your lashes that can make them unusable.

Here are some easy step-by-step instructions for cleaning your MoxieLash magnetic lashes and making sure they stay in good shape:

-Once you remove your lashes, put them directly into the case and only clean one at a time so that you don’t misplace or damage the one not being cleaned.

-Take your MoxieLash magnetic lash and grip it gently between your fingers. Be sure you are holding the band, and not the lashes or magnets as this could damage your MoxieLash magnetic lashes.

-Now, take your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tip (our remover) and brush it over your eyelid to remove excess liner. This should easily and effectively remove it without any problem. No soaking or scrubbing your lashes needed! Just a simple and easy removal.

-It’s important to make sure that you also remove any makeup residue from the magnetic portion of your MoxieLash magnetic lashes in case you get magnetic eyeliner on it. This can be cleaned easily with any oil free micellar water designed for water-resistant makeup. Simply apply micellar water to a clean Q-Tip or soft tissue, and wipe the surface of the magnet clean! Be gentle though and make sure to grasp your lash at the band and not the actual lash hairs.