How do I clean my MoxieLash lashes?

  • Here is a great video on how to clean and extend the life of your lashes with MoxieLash:
  • For best results we do recommend cleaning your lash magnets between each use with oil free micellar water meant for waterproof makeup. Using a clean q-tip and the micellar water, you can clean your lashes with both precision and a gentle touch to remove any liner collected on the magnets throughout the day. They'll be ready to help you slay the day the next time you use them!
  • We do not recommend using your MoxieLash makeup remover q-tips on your MoxieLash lashes. Nor do we recommend using any product with oils on your lashes to clean them as oil is a natural adhesive remover and may damage your lashes permanently.
  • MoxieLash is not responsible for damages caused by misuse of product.