How do I clean my MoxieLash lashes?

  • Here is a great video on how to clean and extend the life of your lashes with MoxieLash:
  • We are also happy to offer an All-in-One makeup remover that is safe for use on your MoxieLash style lashes and cleaning makeup off of your eyes and face. A great tutorial can be seen here:
  • For best results we do recommend cleaning your lash magnets between each use, avoiding using any product with oil in them as this will cause damage to your MoxieLash products. Using a clean q-tip and your cleaner, you can clean your lashes with both precision and a gentle touch to remove any liner collected on the magnets throughout the day. They'll be ready to help you slay the day the next time you use them!
  • We do not recommend using your MoxieLash makeup remover individual q-tips on your MoxieLash lashes. Nor do we recommend using any product with oils on your lashes to clean them as oil is a natural adhesive remover and may damage your lashes permanently.
  • MoxieLash is not responsible for damages caused by misuse of product.