How do I redeem my MoxieLash Cash?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-16 02:31:22 -0700
You can see how many MoxieLash Cash points you have just by selecting the ‘Redeem Points’ tab on the top bar. You can always see how many points you have available by looking at the top bar too so that you know exactly what MoxieLash products you are able to get for free or at a discount.

If you want to see what exactly your MoxieLash Cash accrued points will get you, you can check out our MoxieLash Rewards Loyalty Program page that has all the details. You can earn points towards our magnetic lashes like the Classy, Sassy, and Flashy. There are even more MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes coming out soon for you to earn points towards too. We are always coming out with the best, most innovative lash products on the market like our magnetic gel and liquid eyeliners.


The MoxieLash Rewards Loyalty Program page will also tell you about what point earning activities you need to do to earn more MoxieLash Cash. One of the easiest ways to gain more MoxieLash Cash is by simply referring a friend with your unique link. We track the link, so you not only get points for the referral but also if they make a purchase. You can get more points by making a purchase and for even just sharing your love for MoxieLash and the difference it has made in your ‘get ready routine’ on social media. Use your unique MoxieLash sharing code on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we’ll reward you for it. It’s as easy as that!


Save your points or spend them; it’s entirely up to you! We want you to get what MoxieLash products you already love like our popular magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner. You might even want to save your points for up-coming product launches you could get at a major discount just by using your MoxieLash Cash.