How do I remove my Magnetic eyeliner?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-07 02:43:27 -0700

Removing your magnetic eyeliner is no drama at all, we promise. Grab your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tips and gently begin to remove your magnetic eyeliner by swiping along your upper lash-line. Use one side of your Q-Tip to get the bulk of your eyeliner off and the other side to clean any extra mess. We recommend using one Q-Tip per eye so that you can effectively remove your liner fast.


You can also use any oil based makeup remover to take off your magnetic eyeliner. Just simply remove it with a napkin or tissue that has your preferred makeup remover on it.


However, we created our Olive Oil infused Q-Tips to make life easier for you as we have with every single one of our products.


Here is a step-by-step guide to removing your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner:

  1. Make sure that your MoxieLash magnetic eyelash is off of your lash line and stored in its proper container. This is really important; we don’t want to see your favorite MoxieLash magnetic lashes get ruined or lost. You can make sure that they are safe by placing them next to the magnetic in the container and watching them click back into place.
  2. Take your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tip and/or waterproof cosmetic removing makeup remover and swipe it along where the liner is.  
  3. Use one Olive Oil infused Q-Tip per eye so that you remove all of the magnetic eyeliner. It’s as simple and easy as that, we promise! No scrubbing, tugging, or harsh treatment of your delicate skin. We wanted to make the removal process as simple and drama free as possible.


Please check out The MoxieLash Method page for more details. If you have any questions at all, please contact our customer support at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.