How do I take off my MoxieLash?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-07 02:34:02 -0700

Here’s the good news, taking off your MoxieLash magnetic lashes is really simple. And, here’s a major bonus, you don’t have to remove sticky glue or worry about accidentally removing your false lashes and ripping out your natural ones in the process. MoxieLash magnetic lashes are easy to apply and just as easy to take off. We did the work for you by creating a high-tech lash product that gives you full and gorgeous lashes in seconds without the damage. Cool, right?


Here are some simple instructions with tips and tricks for removing your MoxieLash magnetic lash styles quickly without any lash damage or sticky glue removal!


  1. Grab the edge of your lash; make sure you are grasping the lash band and not the lashes or magnets themselves. Lift the outer corner of your MoxieLash lash style so that you get a good grip.
  2. Remove your magnetic lash by gently pulling towards your inner eye. It will come off, and you don’t have to worry about any eyelash damage. We’ve made removal that easy! Also, it won’t hurt to remove either which is a major bonus if we do say ourselves. All for a hassle-free AND safe removal of your gorgeous and full, MoxieLash magnetic lashes.
  3. Please make sure that once your MoxieLash lash styles are removed, that you put them back into the packaging they came in for safe-keeping and to prevent any damage. Make sure to click them back onto the magnetic portion of their packaging, so they are not loose in the package. This also helps with maintaining the magnetization on your magnetic lashes. Putting them onto the magnetic portion of the box will allow them to stay in good shape so that you can reuse them again and again. (Up to 30 uses with proper care)!