How do I use my MoxieLash styles?

val yakovchik @ 2019-04-06 10:11:21 -0700

Our MoxieLash lashes were created to fit you and your lifestyle whether you’re a homebody or a wild child. When you apply your MoxieLash eyeliner and lashes with the MoxieLash Method, you lock each lash into place. No budging, no moving around, no coming off unless you want them to. You are in control.


You can use your lashes every-single-day as part of your “get ready” routine without any worry that your natural lashes will be damaged and break. Or, you can save them for a special occasion like your wedding, a prom, a gala, or any other time you want to feel a little, or a lot, extra. Either way, our lashes will last you up to thirty uses and our magnetic eyeliner up to 100.


Here are some basic tips and tricks for learning how to use your MoxieLash styles.


  1. Prep: You do not want to apply your mascara once your lashes are in place as it could potentially ruin them. So, if you are going to wear mascara, make sure you use it before you swipe on your magnetic eyeliner and attach those lashes.


  1. Line: Our magnetic eyeliner is the technology you’ve waited for. Just apply your eyeliner close to your lash line, starting at the inner eye and extending towards the end. If you aren't used to a liquid or gel eyeliner, remember, that practice makes perfect, and watching out tutorials will help immensely.


  1. Lash: Now that you’ve lined your lash-line with the magnetic eyeliner, you can attach your MoxieLash lash style. Just fit your magnetic lash next to your lash-line and watch it magnetize into place.


  1. Dash: Really, it’s that simple! It’s easy on, again and again.


It’s pretty easy to become obsessed with MoxieLash once you give them a try. Check out our tutorial page and watch our Moxie Babes teach you the MoxieLash Method and give you a few application tips and tricks too.