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    How do I choose what MoxeLash magnetic lash style to get?

    All of our MoxieLash lash styles were created with purpose and with you in mind. Each lash is individually crafted to fit whatever mood you’re in. So, it’s easy, choose a style and go with it.


    We have three MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes to choose from and tons more coming, so keep checking back! Right now though, we have the Classy, Sassy, and Flashy lashes to become obsessed with.


    Our Classy MoxieLash magnetic lash style is our most natural looking lash and perfect for every-day and all occasions. If you want your eyes to look polished in just seconds with full, gorgeous, and natural looking lashes, the Classy is for you. If you are just beginning with lashes, try the Classy magnetic lash style for a stunning look that will accentuate your makeup routine in just seconds.


    If you’re feeling a little “extra” however, then our Sassy MoxieLash might be the one. Each individual lash is crossed and stacked with a slight flair to add length and drama to the eye in the most natural looking way. Wear these lashes anywhere you want; to the grocery store, or a wedding. If you’re the sassy make the rules.


    All the flashy ladies, come this way. Our Flashy MoxieLash magnetic lashes are our most dramatic with the biggest payoff for serious lash amplification. They will up your look in seconds for a gala, wedding, or just because you can. You can easily apply them by lining your lash line with our MoxieLash magnetic liquid eyeliner or gel formula.


    You see, when it comes to choosing your MoxieLash lash styles, it’s all about you, babe. However, if you need some help making a choice, we are always here to help. Contact us at, and we will make sure to respond within 24 hours.

    Can I sleep in my MoxieLash Lash magnetic lashes?

    No, you shouldn’t sleep with your MoxieLash magnetic lash style still on. We highly recommend that you remove your lashes before getting your beauty sleep whether that’s a quick nap or your 8 hours. Keeping your magnetic lash styles on while you snooze could damage them permanently. During your nighttime routine, just take off your MoxieLash lashes and put them back into their proper container attached to the magnets, so they stay in one place. Your original MoxieLash case makes it easy for you to store your lashes and ensures that they won’t get smashed or ruined. And- because they are so easy to take off and apply, you can easily refresh your look first thing in the morning.


    Here’s a quick guide for removing your MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes before you go to bed.


    1. Gently remove your magnetic eyelashes by grasping the outer  lash band and pulling towards the inner lash line.
    2. Clean off any makeup residue like mascara and eyeliner off of your lashes and magnets on the lash band.
    3. Then, place your MoxieLash magnetic lash style into the original packaging along the magnetic built into the box.
    4. You can now remove your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner with our Olive Oil infused Q-Tips for a quick and easy removal process.
    5. Continue on with your regular nighttime skincare routine after you remove your lashes before going to sleep. It’s important that you do not wash your face with your MoxieLash lashes still on as this can damage your lashes. You do not want to get your lashes wet.


    So again, remove your lashes before you sleep as apart of your nighttime routine. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a MoxieLash customer service representative and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    How do I remove my Magnetic eyeliner?

    Removing your magnetic eyeliner is no drama at all, we promise. Grab your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tips and gently begin to remove your magnetic eyeliner by swiping along your upper lash-line. Use one side of your Q-Tip to get the bulk of your eyeliner off and the other side to clean any extra mess. We recommend using one Q-Tip per eye so that you can effectively remove your liner fast.


    You can also use any oil based makeup remover to take off your magnetic eyeliner. Just simply remove it with a napkin or tissue that has your preferred makeup remover on it.


    However, we created our Olive Oil infused Q-Tips to make life easier for you as we have with every single one of our products.


    Here is a step-by-step guide to removing your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner:

    1. Make sure that your MoxieLash magnetic eyelash is off of your lash line and stored in its proper container. This is really important; we don’t want to see your favorite MoxieLash magnetic lashes get ruined or lost. You can make sure that they are safe by placing them next to the magnetic in the container and watching them click back into place.
    2. Take your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tip and/or waterproof cosmetic removing makeup remover and swipe it along where the liner is.  
    3. Use one Olive Oil infused Q-Tip per eye so that you remove all of the magnetic eyeliner. It’s as simple and easy as that, we promise! No scrubbing, tugging, or harsh treatment of your delicate skin. We wanted to make the removal process as simple and drama free as possible.


    Please check out The MoxieLash Method page for more details. If you have any questions at all, please contact our customer support, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

      Can I go swimming with the magnetic eyeliner and is it waterproof?

      Who doesn’t like a pool party? As fun as going for a dip is, we highly recommend that you don’t go swimming or take a shower with your MoxieLash magnetic lashes. However, if you’re a hot yoga type, like to go hiking or anything else that’s active, it’s no problem. Our MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner will stay where it should be; on your lash-line, with zero smearing or smudging all day long, no matter your routine.

      You can go do this in your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner; just take off your lashes!

      • Swimming
      • Hiking
      • To the club
      • Hot yoga
      • Anywhere you might sweat it out. 

      We’ve designed the MoxieLash magnetic lashes so easy to remove that you can remove & re-apply the lashes after your water dip. It’s best to keep the MoxieLash original container on hand if you do remove your lashes so that you have a safe place to keep them.

       When you remove your magnetic lashes prior to swimming, place them directly into their original packaging. You can put them next to the small lash magnets in the box, and the magnetic lashes will easily attach. Your magnetic lashes will be safe in the packaging and away from the potential of getting ruined.

      You can check out how to remove your magnetic lashes for more details and instructions.

      If you decide that you want to remove your magnetic eyeliner before swimming, just bring our easy-to-travel-with, MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tips! Just swipe the Q-Tips along the magnetic eyeliner and it will quickly and easily come off.

      Or keep your magnetic eyeliner on while you go swimming as it won’t budge! You can wear our magnetic eyeliner to a wedding or special event without fear that it will run, smear, or smudge and ruin your look. We made the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner with you in mind to make your life a little easier.

      How do I choose between Liquid or Gel Magnetic Eyeliner?

      Choosing between the MoxieLash liquid or gel liner can be tricky. But, it’s a really good question! It essentially comes down to your preference and how comfortable you are with a liquid. Both of our magnetic eyeliners have iron oxide in them that helps secure and lock your MoxieLash magnetic lashes into place. Our gel liner has a creamy consistency and is easy to smudge for a smoky look or a fun cat eye. It dries to a matte appearance and looks gorgeous for day or night.

      If you aren’t feeling like you can master the liquid eyeliner just yet, you should purchase the gel eyeliner to get you started. If you want a more precise liner look and you feel comfortable, the liquid will be your favorite. The consistency of the liquid eyeliner is that it’s not so thick and so it takes a little bit more of a learning curve to get it down to a 1 minute application

      Liquid magnetic eyeliner:

      Highlights: :

      • Beautiful and precise line
      • Thinner formula
      • Easy to get off
      • Brush built into the packaging

      Gel magnetic eyeliner

      • Thicker formula
      • Dries to a matte
      • Easier to apply
      • Easy to get off


      Though, if we're honest, both work to effectively attach your magnetic lashes. , so, why not try them both?

      You can follow our how to use magnetic eyeliner page to get instructions and our MoxieLash tutorials  for makeup look inspiration with your liner.


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