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    Lash Masterclass: How to apply Magnetic lashes in seconds using the MoxieLash Applicator!

    Want to look camera or date ready in just a few minutes?

    It’s easier than you think. After spending lots of time & money on expensive extensions, makeup artists and gluing my eyes shut, I’ve learned a few tricks...

    Watch this video where I’ll teach you everything I know about looking creating an instant hot look with items that you might already have in your makeup bag...

    Or skip ahead to minute 7:00 where I show you exactly how to use the MoxieLash applicator to apply my absolute favorite Magnetic lashes!

    Have a look…

    Get ready to showcase & highlight your beautiful eyes like never before with ALL the tips I share in my video!

    Plus, discover the Applicator that is my best-kept secret getting instant, absolutely gorgeous eyes!

    Spending a lot of time on makeup could be a chore and having a hack like the MoxieLash applicator makes all the difference.

    It was the quickest way to transform my eyes look from ‘everyday and regular’ to ‘show-stopping and spectacular’ simply with a few application steps.

    Moxie lashes are my absolute favorite Magnetic lashes because they are so fluffy and fit perfectly to my eyes — that makes them my #1 choice in my makeup bag and I hope in your makeup bag as well!

    Thanks everybody for reading and watching and I hope to see you soon!


    Jenna Soard

    Online Influencer | Branding Specialist | www.youcanbrand.com

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