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Watch Paris Hilton try on MoxieLash. Shop now
You've seen the beautiful way that Paris Hilton does her makeup, but did you know that her go-to, glueless lashes are from MoxieLash? The heiress, entrepreneur, and reality TV legend is always on the go, and she needs to look good without spending too much time getting ready.
The solution according to her blog post on Parishilton.com? Our MoxieLash Complete Starter Kit. From the moment that Paris applied the magnetic lashes from our best-selling set (in basically no time!,) it was love at first wink. These falsies add dimension and depth to her beautiful eyes, and are so easy-to-use that Paris says that she's "never touching glue-on lashes ever again."Find out more about Paris's new fave!
Love Kit

Love Kit

10 - Magnet


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Natural Kit

Natural Kit

10 - Magnet


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Happy Kit

Happy Kit

10 - Magnet


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A Paris-Approved Package
"If you know me, you know I adore my aesthetics, and this company knows what they're doing." It's quite the compliment from a style queen like Paris, and she loves everything about our lash set - from the adorable pink packaging to the luxury goodies inside.

These include the Baby Lash magnetic lash set, a magnetic liquid eyeliner, magnetic applicator, eyeliner remover swabs, and one sleek black blag. Even if you're not exactly going from shopping by day to DJ-ing by night like Paris, our MoxieLash Complete Starter Kit is all about style and convenience. Just carry these popular items in your black case when you need them, and easily snap on your magnetic lashes for Paris-level glam. Just how easy, exactly? Let's ask Paris.
A-List Application
Each item in our lash kit works together to create subtle drama and A-list lashes, and Paris can't get enough. She first uses the liquid magnetic eyeliner to draw clean, straight lines close to the lash line and waits three minutes for it to dry - before picking up the applicator to gently apply our magnetic falsies. No glue or extra tools required, as the lashes effortlessly snap into place over your magnetic eyeliner and stay there. All day long. Speaking of which, the Baby Lash set is gorgeous for all occasions. Since it's an accent lash, they blend in beautifully with your natural lashes and produce a look that's subtle, yet striking. Paris says that these lashes "work perfectly for work, at home, and even going out!" She knows all three scenarios quite well, and you can trust her when she says that these lashes stay luxurious for hours without "popping up" or even moving at all!

Besides the "blink test" that Paris did to prove how durable our magnetic lashes are (hint: they passed), she also calls them "the comfiest lashes I've worn in my life." She even forgot that she was wearing them around her (very nice) house! They're not just easy to put on, either… but also to take off. Just pick up your remover swab to wipe away the magnetic eyeliner and lashes in one swipe, without the dreaded tugging on your delicate eyelid skin. These magnetic lashes are the full package - versatile, comfortable, easy to use, and ultra-glamorous - and if they're good enough for a girl boss like Paris, they're definitely good enough for you!

You know that she loves the Baby Lash magnetic set, but can you ever really have enough lashes? Paris doesn't think so. That's why she also purchased more kits from MoxieLash! Love Kit contains full, voluminous lashes that got Paris through a "crazy night of dancing" without budging, while Wedding Kit has a versatile pair that she calls "so elegant and classy." Paris says that Wedding Kit was one of her favorite purchases, but each was a total game-changer in her makeup routine. She's saying goodbye to glue-on lashes, and hello to MoxieLash… and you can too! Spend $100, and get Paris's favorite pair of falsies for FREE, plus FREE shipping. This deal won't last long, so get them while supplies last to achieve that Paris-level lash drama!
Loves It Bundle

Loves It Bundle


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Stays put
If you have not jumped on board to try magnetic lashes, this is the one to try. I bought another brand and was very unhappy, these do not disappoint. Liner glides on evenly, lashes are super easy to apply with their curved tool. Stay on all day long, plus they look more natural.
Karen D. Verified Buyer
Very cute!
Great length for someone like me who never even wears mascara. I like that these can be used without having to put mascara on with liner that I'd already wear!
Amy B. Verified Buyer
I love my Lashes
I have purchased at least 8 pairs of Lashes and Both black and brown liner. I love each and every style! I wear casual to dramatic looks depending on the occasion! I don't leave the house without them! Less make up and more lashes please!!
Melissa D. Verified Buyer
Love these
I have tried some of the other lashes and love these the best. They are simple and very comfortable and fit my smaller eyes very well. None of the others were as comfortable (that I tried) and even though they say they're the smallest lash, they've still got umph!
Sunny B. Verified Buyer
Dramatic kit
I love these lashes, so easy to use. They give me exactly the look I wanted. I can't wait to order more styles.
Trish M. Verified Buyer
I am so pleased with my purchase thus far!! I especially love the simplicity and no mess that used to previously would run into with my lashes that required glue!!! I have been and will continue to recommend magnetic lashes to my friends!
Patrice M. Verified Buyer
Easy to use, stayed on way better than I imagined.
I really really struggle with lashes but I love what they add to my very simple makeup routine, wanted to try out magnetic lashes and they exceeded expectations. Since I have little to no experience with putting on lashes, it took me a good 10 minutes to put them on, but they cling to the liner way better than I thought, and stayed on without any issues all day long. I forgot to take pictures when I first put them on but I took these after they'd been on for 8 hours. Very happy with them.
Brandi P. Verified Buyer
These are like REALLY nice LASHES
I think that the MoxieLashes are legit better than the GLAMNETIC lashes also because the applicator is REALLY smooth and not chunky like the glamnetic one's.ALSO, the NATURAL KIT tho! They are SOOOO cute and doesn't make me look like I have fake lashes on!although, when i was trying to clean the applicator off the lashes i did snag one out by accident.But, I contacted moxielashes and they were really good with replacing them for me!
Jennifer W. Verified Buyer