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    This Product Helps Your Mood After Just One Dose

    Friday, August 21 
    by Tony M.


    Promote Peace of Mind

    Why is it so hard for people these days to unwind and find balance? Experts often speak about the importance of self care, yet many people are still stressed out. A whopping 80% of workers confess they feel edgy on the job, and 40% classify their jobs as very or extremely stressful1. One in four people consider their job as the primary source of stress in their lives.

    Work stress takes a physical and emotional toll on many people. Approximately 25% of people have cried on the job and 12% have called in sick due to work-related stress1. More than one in three stressed workers have trouble sleeping at night, and nearly two-thirds of laborers finish the day with work-related neck pain.

    People often try to manage their stress when the workday ends, but many approaches fail. Meditation works for some, but not everyone can shut off their thoughts after a hectic day. Exercise promotes a healthy mindset, but most of us can't even get ourselves to the gym after a long day at the office. Fortunately, the award-winning bio-hacking company Onnit has created a formula called New Mood that supports a healthy response to stress and helps people feel refreshed.

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    How New Mood Brings you back to that ‘Happy State’

    New Mood supplies the essential ingredients needed to support serotonin production, the neurotransmitter that ups your ‘happiness levels’ and emits feel-good emotions, but it also affects things like sleep, appetite and even sexual desire or social behavior.

    However basic serotonin supplements generally cannot pass the blood-brain barrier. It must be produced naturally by the body. That's where New Mood comes into play.

    New Mood helps kick-start serotonin production by introducing L-tryptophan and 5-HTP. When introduced with the converting catalyst, Vitamin B6, New Mood provides your body with the nutrients to support your serotonin production and sense of bliss and balance.

    How New Mood Aids calm and balance

    When stress strikes, the body often ramps up cortisol production and decreases serotonin levels.

    Cortisol, often dubbed the stress hormone, is the body's built-in alarm response, but sometimes it goes into overdrive.

    Enter the Onnit tranquility blend of valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile and jujube seed extract. These soothing botanicals work together to promote relaxation and calmness and facilitate healthy sleep habits. This blend combined with the L-Tryptophan relaxes you, helping your body drift into a deep, restful sleep.


    • Chamomile flower

    • Valerian root

    • Lemon balm

    • Jujube seed

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    Ingredients with a Purpose

    In addition to the killer ingredients we already mentioned, Niacin, vitamin B6 and magnesium each have a slew of perks. Niacin supports heart health, while vitamin B6 assists with emotional well-being. Magnesium supports the skeletal system while also encouraging restful sleep.

    New Mood contains 10 unique ingredients, all of which contain no soy, gluten, dairy or caffeine. Many of these keto-friendly ingredients offer impressive benefits on their own, but when they join forces, they promote optimum calmness.

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    Here's What Happened When I Gave New Mood a Chance

    I remember my parents putting in 40-hour workweeks, but I usually log at least 60 hours — and that's on a good week. My career is demanding, but I'm working my way up the corporate ladder and can't take time off for myself at the moment. When I finally do get a break, I have a hard time switching from work mode to relaxation mode. I'm guilty of putting others' needs before my own, and my brain is constantly in overdrive.

    I've tried things like meditation and simply just working out, but I barely have time to eat breakfast most days let alone commit to these activities. When I actually do give them a try, I can't stop thinking about work.

    I've tried valerian and lemon balm tea, but it's hard to find that particular combination with the balance that's right for me, and the price can get ridiculous. I discovered New Mood because I wanted a simple solution that contained these ingredients, only at a lower price than I was currently paying.

    New Mood is a daily supplement that supports serotonin production by providing more of your body's good mood building blocks. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that it ended up becoming the quick reset button I needed. Now I take it whenever I have a hard day.

    Now I can actually enjoy working out — without any distractions — when I carve out a slot in my busy schedule. I feel that I am sleeping well, and I no longer panic about what tomorrow might bring.

    Onnit Pro: Dr. Dan Engle, MD

    Psychiatrist, board certified in psychiatry and neurology.

    “There is no other mood supplement that I recommend for my thousands of clients, my family, and even myself. New Mood’s ability to work with the body to help modulate mood, and facilitate the healthy maintenance of daily stress is second to none.”

    Is New Mood Worth It?

    Yes! I appreciate the complex ingredient profile where each ingredient has a purpose, unlike the salad bowl approach that many other supplements take. You know, the products where they just throw a bunch of ingredients together in hopes that one or two will have an effect.

    I also love that it's been rigorously and independently tested for safety. New Mood has given me the peace I desperately craved but could never achieve from other sources, and I'm so thankful for that.

    For a limited time, you can save up to 15% when you purchase a multipack of New Mood.

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