Jenna Lash Masterclass

Hi Friends,

Are you looking to finally put bad lashes to rest?

I don’t blame you! After countless years of mess, glue and adhesives… it could be daunting. That’s why you’re going to want to watch THIS lash masterclass!

I’ll teach you everything I know applying my absolute FAVORITE Magnetic lashes with a tool that makes all the difference. Have a look!




As you can see, I like applying a little bit of Mascara before I adhere my magnetic lashes because it gives the lashes a really good base to sit on.

The tool, of course, does the trick. I’ve done videos on applying Magnetic lashes without the MoxieLash applicator — but once you try this tool you’ll never go back!

Spending a lot of time on makeup could be a chore and having a hack like the MoxieLash applicator makes all the difference.

It was the quickest way to transform my eyes look from ‘everyday and regular’ to ‘show-stopping and spectacular’ simply with a few application steps.


Thanks everybody for reading and watching and I hope to see you soon!



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