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    "I LOVE MOXIE!!!
    I got my first pair of MoxieLash in the mail and I could hardly contain myself. I went and put them on and my eyes looked stunning , it felt as if they weren’t even there. I finally had a product that wasn’t going to harm my natural eyelashes. It’s just a quick adjustment to my everyday makeup routine and they stay in all day and when I take them off it’s an easy, painless removal. I recommend this product to my friends who want thicker and fuller lashes with out damaging there natural ones."

    - Brandi Black, 26

    " I absolutely love my Moxielash!!
    " I absolutely love my Moxielash!! I wear them everyday! I have an active job and I travel weekly, Moxielash is easy to take with me everywhere! They pack easily, they are easy to apply and I just slide them off when I am done for ethnic day. Best part is they don't damage my lashes and I don't have to carry any sticky messy glue. Moxielash is the best product I have found for long glamorous lashes! I love this product and recommend it to anyone looking for beautiful glamorous lashes!"

    - Nicole Picknell, 42

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