Exclusive Starter Kit

Variety Mix

$79.65 $135

THE SNAPSHOT: Three beginner-friendly magnetic lashes for any look, accompanied by a full-size Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Applicator, in a blush pink mirrored storage box.  

THE MOOD: Get off to a glam start with a variety of magnetic lash styles in the Starter Kit. Go natural, bold, or anything in between—you decide. Plus, get the industry’s best Magnetic Eyeliner for all-day hold, and Lash Applicator to make lashing up even easier. Leave old-fashioned lashes behind, and lash like a pro.


  • 1 'Cheeky Lash' 5 Magnet Lash Set (Silk)
  • 1 'Pretty Lash' 10 Magnet Lash Set (Mink)
  • 1 'Moody Lash' 10 Magnet Lash Set (Mink)
  • 1 Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1 Magnetic Applicator
  • 1 Free Pack Remover Swabbies

$135 $79.65
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