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      10MAG Lashes

      The holidays are here! It’s time to deck the halls, plan out that Thanksgiving menu, and bring on the figgy pudding, if you’re into that sort of thing. And while you’re making your holidays bright, take your holiday look to the max! If you want eyes as breathtaking as that sparkling tree, look no further than our  NEW 10MAG lashes.


      These revolutionary lashes are the best way to get a grip on gorgeous this holiday. So gather round as we share the magic of our NEW 10MAG lashes!

      Why 10MAG Lashes Are This Year’s Holiday Must-Have

      Ten Magnet Lashes help add extra comfort and length within seconds.


      This holiday, we are dishing out a lash so comfortable you’ll forget they weren’t gifted to you at birth. That’s because we decked out each 10MAG lash with ten feather-light micro-magnets for our strongest hold and lightest feel yet.

      Max Comfort

      No messy glues, loose lashes, or sticky mess here! These outstanding lashes are all about big magnet energy but with a feathery-light feel. So whether it’s holiday parties, family gatherings, or Friendsgiving—enjoy a stronger, longer hold and a lighter, comfier feel withMoxieLash 10MAG lashes + magnetic eyeliner.

      Max Fit

      Every eye shape will look absolutelyfa-la-la-la-lirtywhen fitted with our mega-magnetic 10MAG lashes. That’s because theseluxurious lashes are designed to hug every eye shape comfortably and will follow your lash line to a T. When it comes to the perfect fit, more is better! Ten magnets mean your lashes will cling right along your lash line for an as-natural-as-possible fit that can't be beat.


      As if the amazing comfort alone isn’t enough, another awesome feature of the 10MAG is its customizable fit. The super small magnets snip off in a snap, making it ridiculously easy to customize for all eye shapes—hello…great gift idea anyone?! We took the guess-work out of glamorous gift-giving so you can give confidently, knowing they’ll look amazing on anyone you give them to. Whether they want to lookNaughty orNice, we’ve got a bundle for anyone on your list looking to level-up their lashes.

      Max Usage

      If your current lashes don’t last, leave them in the past! With proper TLC, 10MAG lashes will keep their shape for up to 50 wears! That means you can ring in the new year and then keep going, looking just as stunning as you did on Thanksgiving. Our 10MAG lashes are here to stay and keep you looking ravishing all season long. Learn how to properly care for and store your new 10MAGshere.

      Max Customization

      More magnets means a meticulous fit. But even better, it also means customization that isn't cumbersome. 10MAG lashes have ten small magnets placed closer together, so you can snip as little or as much as you’d like, so they’re the perfect length for your lash line. You don’t have to deal with flipped up ends or flyaway lashes. Just beautiful, natural-looking lashes, made easy.

      Max Hold

      When it comes to hold, bigger isn’t always better. We loaded our 10MAGs with more magnets in a smaller size for maximum magnetic attraction. We placed ten micro-magnets along each of our fierce new false lashes for big magnet energy in a little magnet army. And 10MAG lashes sit closer to your lashes for a more natural feel. That means these beauties are the best kind of clingy!

      Introducing Your Favorite Lashes, Taken To The MAX!

      Wondering which of ten magnet lash styles you can get your hands on this holiday? Here’s our brand new 10MAG lash lineup. Shop your old favorites before they’re gone, or be daring and try out a new style. You just might find a new favorite!

      Money: Dialed Up Drama

      Money Lash has ten magnets for ultimate hold and maximum comfort. Get serious volume and length in seconds.


      Our10MAG Money Lash boasts a unique distribution of lashes to give the full look you’d expect from a name like "Money.” Rather than going with a cat-eye taper, we evenly distributed these lashes for an all-around fuller look. The 10MAG Money lash will dial up the drama on your big, beautiful eyes. If you want to make a statement, you can take these lashes to the bank.

      Sassy: Subtle Sophistication

      Sassy Ten Magnet Lash gives a subtle look for dolled up glam.


      The Sassy Lash is our best-selling lash for a reason, and thenew 10MAG Sassy is even better! The most natural mink lash we offer, the Sassy Lash looks gorgeous on every eye shape. If you want a touch of luxury in your holiday look without going over-the-top, the 10MAG Sassy is the lash for you.

      Wifey: Soft & Elegant

      Wifey Ten Magnet Lash gives outer edge flair to any eye with maximum comfort and hold.


      Just like our five magnet Wifey, the10MAG Wifey Lash is an elegant, tapered vegan lash that looks perfect on mid-to-large sized eyes. These soft lashes are versatile enough for everyday wear or as a statement piece tomax out your next holiday look.

      Baddy: Eye-Opening Curl

      Baddy Magnetic Lash for Ten Magnet gives a layered lashed look with ultimate comfort and strength.


      The10MAG Baddy Lash is one of our most eye-opening lashes, with enough curl for any girl, especially if you have almond-shaped or hooded eyes. And with ten small but mighty magnets, these lashes will keep your eyes looking bold all day.

      Classy: Natural Good Looks

      Classy Ten Magnet Lash is perfect for adding a touch of flutter to your lash looik.


      The elegant silk10MAG Classy Lash is the perfect pick for when you want to subtly enhance your natural lashes. And with ten micro-magnets, they’ll feel as natural as they look for a comfortable fit that’s strong enough for all-day wear. The Classy Lash is ideal for complimenting smaller eyes without overwhelming them.

      Boujie: Long & Strong


      The premium mink10MAG Boujie Lash is bursting with all the drama of our original Bougie Lash, but with the added benefit of 10 micro-magnets for a stronger hold. With its long, curled lashes, the 10MAG Bougie will open up deep-set or almond-shaped eyes, making them look larger.

      Give The Gift of Gorgeous This Holiday

      Shopping for someone special and not sure which style is best? Our NEW 10MAG bundles are sure to spread holiday cheer!

      10MAG Starter Bundle

      Where to start with Ten Magnet lashes!

      Consider the goodies in this bundle our welcome committee! The 10MAG Starter Bundle includes a set of our Baby Lash, a 10MAG Sassy Lash, one mini black liquid liner, one magnetic applicator, one pack of makeup remover swabs, and our rose gold lash applicator. This Starter Bundle would make any stocking happy this holiday season!

      10MAG Nice Bundle

      Day to night bundle featuring Ten Magnet Lashes from MoxieLash.

      The 10MAG Nice Bundle comes complete with Classy, Wifey, and Dolly lash sets. This sweet little bundle has lash looks from subtle to sultry, and with twice the magnets, it’s twice as nice!

      10MAG Naughty Bundle

      Gorgeous magnetic lash bundle with ultimate comfort and hold!

      Our Naughty Bundle is so full of goodies that you might call it decadent. The 10MAG Naughty Bundle features all of our most glamorous 10MAG styles, so you’ll have a look for all occasions. You’ll fawn over the included 10MAG Sassy, Baddy, and Boujie lash sets. And with all the extra accessories we’ve included, you can be a little naughty all year long.

      Applying 10MAG Lashes Is a Snap!

      In all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, taking forever to look fabulous should be your last worry. That’s just one more reason to love our new 10MAG lashes. These long-lasting lashes can be put on in a snap.

      You can apply 10MAG lashes just like any of our other easy to wear lashes.

      • Just break out your favorite of our liquid or gel magnetic liners (which, by the way, we invented) and line your eyes.
      • Wait about 3 minutes for the liner to dry. 
      • You’re ready to pop on your lashes!

      You’re only 3 minutes away from heating up any holiday look. What could be easier!

      Ready To Remove?

      Here are a few tips for when you’re ready to remove your lashes.

      • Ready for lift-off? Use your fingers or one of our easyMagnetic Applicatorsto lift the corner of your lashes. 
      • Grab yourALL-IN-1 Makeup Remover.Dip a cotton swab into the remover and give one quick swipe over your lash-line. This will help remove any leftover liner that’s still lingering. 
      • Pro tip: Maintain your lash shape, magnetism, and shelf-life by storing them in their original case.

      Get ready for glam this holiday season and maximize your magnetism with our NEW 10MAG Lashes!

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