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    15 4th of July Makeup Looks on Youtube

    Feeling patriotic? We are too. We're busting out our sparklers and makeup brushes and bringing you 15 4th of July makeup looks on Youtube featuring our favorite red, white, and blue colors! Now you can celebrate, watch fireworks, and sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' in absolute style with eyeshadow and lipstick colors that rep America well. Here are the looks we're absolutely obsessing over.

    Youtube 4th of July Makeup Tutorials

    We think Youtube has some of the best ideas when it comes to makeup looks. So, we rounded up our favorites that we know you'll love too. We have everything from basic 4th makeup looks, to super patriotic eyeshadow designs that might require some serious skills. Either way, if you're scared, a little red lipstick will absolutely do.

    Check out this absolutely stunning 4th of July eye makeup look by Angela Bright. The winged eyeliner is right up our ally. What do you think?

    We love the mix of gold shimmer highlights, black eyeliner, and a touch of blue and white. Her matte red lipstick is what's pulling together this entire look. Don't you love it?

    Okay girl, Marilyn Mae has one eye sparkling blue, and the other, sparkling red. Talk about a festive 4th of July makeup look.

    We love this one from Angelica because it screams 4th of July, but it's totally wearable for anyone. Also, those lashes. Are they MoxieLash?

    We love the sparkly blue eyeliner around her eyes, don't you? Also, if look close, you'll see a little but of glitter on her eyelids..absolutely stunning!

    How cute is this white eyeliner look with a touch of blue underneath the lower eyelid? We are obsessed with the red lips by the way.

    Nicol is bringing us this simple 4th of July makeup look on Youtube. Just a quick blue eyeliner, red lips, and you're done.

    Feeling sweaty? How about a sweat proof makeup look for the 4th? This entire look promises to stay put all day long--w'ere all about that life.

    Alright girl, you know we're into those fake eyelashesand red lips. This is an absolutely sexy look for the 4th, don't you think?

    Here's what we're into- gorgeous eyelashes and those brows. Aren't they so pretty? Watch this makeup tutorial for the 4th and you'll easily be able to get the look. Need an easy to apply lash suggestions? Check out the MoxieLash magnetic eyelashesand magnetic eyeliner.


    Oh my. This 4th of July eye makeup look gives all the patriotic vibes. Full on red, white, and blue eyeshadow vibes with seamless blending. We're into it.

    Look at this cute red, white, and blue makeup look with major sparkle vibes. We love the liner Miranda from Slashed Beauty did underneath her lower lash line. Super creative, fun, and easy to copy.

    Here is another super easy 4th of July makeup look you could totally pull off. Red lipstick is the easiest way to feel and give off major patriotic vibes.

    Focusing on mostly just lips in this gorgeous look for our favorite holiday the celebrates with using fireworks.

    Gorgeous patriotic makeup look. Don't feel like wearing blue eyeliner? Katy didn't. Go simple. Bust out the red lip. You're good.

    Did you find anything you like?


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