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    The Natural Lash Kit Try On!!

    Our NEW Natural Lash Kit has been hugely loved, and we completely understand why! With three beautiful lash styles that can be worn everyday, plus our magnetic eyeliner and applicator— you’re getting a sweet bundle. If you haven’t purchased yours yet, here is a lash try on for you that shows how each eyelash style looks. 

    Check out the NEW Natural Lash Kit and what each lash style looks like!

    About the Natural Lash Kit Magnetic Lashes, Plus Try On!

    For this lash kit, we curated magnetic lashes that could take you from day to night. Here is a bit more about each lash, what to expect, and what customers are say. 

    The Baby Lash

    Baby Lash is the perfect accent magnetic eyelash for smaller eye shapes!

    The Baby Lash is simple, versatile and our most universal. It’s the perfect accent lash for every day wear,  or to add a subtle pop to any makeup look.

    The Baby Lash Look

    Unboxing the Natural lash kit and wearing the Baby Lash!

    Review: “Just the right whisper of flirty glam. Looking for a notch up in the glam factor from my beloved Classy Lash, I tried Baby Lash. These are perfect when I want a little extra. MoxieLash magnetic liner makes application a breeze. I’m 53, with thinning lashes. These give me back the lashes I had when I was younger. I feel gorgeous, and I love my lashes!” — Yvonne B. 

    The Classy Lash

    Classy Lash style is for those that like just a hint of extra length and fullness!

    Small, silk, and the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a natural look. Wear them every day for a comfortable lash look that adds some volume and fullness. 

    The Classy Lash Look

    Beautiful Classy Lash Look wearing this small magnetic eyelash.

    Review: “Classy lashes are just the perfect ones! I ordered the classy lashes and at first I thought they’d be too small but they are perfect and so pretty! I have smaller eyes and these are perfect!” —Annah R.

    The Cheeky Lash

    The cheeky lash is the perfect magnetic eyelash to accentuate smaller eye shapes.

    This lash is the smallest accent lash we have as part of our OG collection. It's perfect for very small eyes & woman that like to lash incognito.

    The Cheeky Lash Look

    A beautiful look at how the Cheeky Lash looks while you wear it!


    Review: "These lashes are amazing! So fast and easy to apply. Perfect for daytime. Just the right length for beautiful everyday lashes.” —Deanna N.


    How To Apply The Natural Lash Kit Lashes

    How to apply the magnetic eyelashes from the MoxieLash Natural Lash Kit.

    Applying your magnetic eyelashes is super easy! With the Natural Lash Kit, you get everything you need to start having fabulous lashes immediately. Here is how to get the best magnetic lash look in just minutes. 

    1. After you apply your eyeshadow, apply your magnetic liquid eyeliner to your lash line. You want to make sure that you let it dry for two entire minutes. Doing this helps to keep your magnetic lash on, and stay in good shape. 

    2. Once you eyeliner is completely dry, you can grab whatever lash style you're in the mood for and pop them right on the liner you just applied. You can lock in your lashes by making sure they are close to your lash line.

    3. When you are finished with your magnetic lash, make sure to put it back into the Natural Lash Kit box for safe keeping. 

    Want your own Natural Lash Kit? They are selling quickly, so hurry!


    If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at info@moxielash.com.



    p.s- Did you know that you can get a FREE Luxe Bag with any $125 purchase right now?? 

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