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Our 10 Magnet Natural Kit has been a HUGE hit, and we completely understand why. Who doesn’t want lashes that look like their own? MoxieLash has made it easy. With three beautiful lash styles that can be worn every day, plus our magnetic eyeliner and applicator—you’re getting a sweet bundle. All the essentials for an effortless look is now available in a single kit so you can line, lash, and go in minutes!   

Going natural seems like a no-brainer, but of course we didn’t stop there. The Natural Kit got a much-needed upgrade. How does ten times better sound? We reinvented our best selling natural magnetic lashes to feature ten lightweight micro magnets. Yes, you read that right. TEN MAGNETS! Experience more magnets, stronger hold, and maximum comfort for a seamless slay that lasts all day (and night, if that’s your thing too).


Let’s take a closer look at the 10 Magnet Natural Kit with a lash try on. We’re sharing each naturally gorgeous eyelash style in our curated kit so you can get a better look at all this subtle softness.


About the 10 Magnet Natural Kit, Plus Try On!

For this lash kit, we curated magnetic lashes that could take you from day to night. Here is a bit more information about each lash, what to expect, and what customers are saying. 

The Baby Lash

Baby magnetic lash


Oh, baby! Go soft with your look in seconds. The Baby Lash is simple, versatile, and our most universal. Features silky lash layers that softly taper at the outer edge to help open your eyes while giving that striking cat eye effect. It’s the perfect accent lash for everyday wear, or to add a subtle pop to any makeup look.

The Baby Lash Look



Review: “Just the right whisper of flirty glam. Looking for a notch up in the glam factor from my beloved Classy Lash, I tried Baby Lash. These are perfect when I want a little extra. MoxieLash magnetic liner makes application a breeze. I’m 53, with thinning lashes. These give me back the lashes I had when I was younger. I feel gorgeous, and I love my lashes!” — Yvonne B.

The Classy Lash

Classy Magnetic Lash from MoxieLash


Want subtle falsies without the added drama? Meet the Classy Lash: Small, silk, and the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a natural look. Lightweight lash layers provide a barely-there feeling that doesn’t weigh your eyes down. It’s a lash style that you can wear every day for a comfortable look that adds some volume and fullness.

The Classy Lash Look



Review: “Classy lashes are just the perfect ones! I ordered the classy lashes and at first I thought they’d be too small but they are perfect and so pretty! I have smaller eyes and these are perfect!” —Annah R.

The Cheeky Lash


Natural accents don’t get much better than this! It’s the smallest accent lash in the 10 Magnet Natural Kit. This lash is perfect for very small eyes and women that like to lash incognito. Tapered outer edge lash layers help you achieve a slight cat eye effect for a refined makeup look that can transition from day to night.

The Cheeky Lash Look


Review: "These lashes are amazing! So fast and easy to apply. Perfect for daytime. Just the right length for beautiful everyday lashes.” —Deanna N.


How To Apply The Natural Lash Kit Lashes

Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

$45.00 $25.00

Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

$45.00 $25.00


Applying your magnetic eyelashes is super easy! With the 10 Magnet Natural Kit, you get everything you need to start having fabulous lashes immediately. Follow these steps precisely to get the best natural magnetic lash look in just minutes. 


*Optional: Match your lashes to your makeup mood with any eyeshadow look that complements your style. From soft and airy, to bold and daring, the options are endless. Blend one, two, or a few eyeshadow colors for the perfect makeup look that’s fitting for any occasion.


1. After you apply your eyeshadow, you’re going to line your eyes with the Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner. Gently glide the revolutionary formula along your lash line. You want to make sure that you let it dry for three minutes. Doing so allows for instant magnetic attraction and ensures strong hold so your magnetic lashes stay all day and night.


2. Once your magnetic eyeliner is completely dry, you can grab whatever natural lash style you're in the mood for. You have three effortlessly beautiful styles to choose from in the 10 Magnet Natural Kit! Just pop the lash style of your choice right on the magnetic liner you just applied. Ten feather-light micro magnets ensure that the lashes will stay secure all day long, or until you are ready for them to be removed. 


Pro Tip: You can lock in your lashes by making sure you apply them as close to your lash line as possible for an even more natural look.  


3. When you are finished with your magnetic lashes, make sure to put them back into the 10 Magnet Natural Kit box for safekeeping. 


Lash Like a Pro With These Top Tips

  • Magnetic Lashes Placement: The Magnetic Applicator included in the 10 Magnet Natural Lash Kit is the perfect placement pal. Gently grasp lash hairs with the pointed tip to remove the lashes from the container. Then, lightly press the magnetic band into your lash bed with the curved side—moving from the outer to inner corner of your eye. The other side works to comb out your lashes for an effortless, blended lash look that enhances eyes naturally.
  • 10 Magnet Lashes Are Customizable: If the lash band is too long, trim it from the outside in. Thanks to the improved magnet spacing on the 10 Magnet lash bands, you can snip in a snap. You can easily shorten your lash band to work better with your eye shape for maximum comfort and a fit that hugs your eyes.

What Are Customers Saying About The 10 Magnet Natural Kit  


“I love this kit and is my favorite so far! I have cancer and my lashes fell out along with my hair and this product is a life saver! The lashes look so real you can’t tell I am a cancer patient! I’m a huge fan and recommend this to anyone!” —Carissa P.


Love these! Subtle and sexy!” —Reece


“Love this kit, it was my first purchase. I have smaller eyes so the lashes give a big impact. The [C] lassy is very natural, and gives the least punch [in my opinion] , the [C] heeky is beautiful and just enough for a day at work. Baby gives me drama lashes and I love them. Cheeky is my favorite.” —Ida L.

You heard it here first from us and MoxieLash customers. Natural has never looked this good! Warning: These natural lash looks may cause endless compliments and some serious lash envy. Get all three soft and subtle lashes, Magnetic Liner, and Magnetic Applicator in one kit (while you still can). Want your own 10 Magnet Natural Kit? They are selling quickly, so hurry!

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