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If you're up for a serious thrill-fest, then get ready for something so good it's to die for. In collaboration with the NEW Max Original Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, streaming exclusively on HBO Max, we're launching a limited-edition bundle featuring all the Magnetic Lashes and accessories the Little Liars love. 

MOXIELASH and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Bundle with every magnetic lash the little liars love!

Before we show you the box—here's everything you need to know about this killer new series. 

What's Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin About?

This new horror-tinged series takes place in Millwood, a town that neighbors the iconic community of Rosewood. According to the show, "twenty years ago, a series of tragic events almost ripped Millwood apart. Now, in the present day, a brand-new set of Little Liars finds themselves tormented by an unknown Assailant."



Where to Watch: You can watch Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin streaming exclusively on HBO Max with new episodes dropping every Thursday until August 18th.  

 These Pretty Little Lashes Don't Lie

Introducing our NEW MoxieLash x Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Bundle with five Little Liar approved, natural to glam Magnetic Lashes & accessories, all housed in a custom Original Sin Box. Each Magnetic Lash easily snaps onto our waterproof Magnetic Eyeliner, holding for 24 hours no matter what you're chasing or running from. Get the entire bundle plus a FREE Mystery Gift for only $145—a $354 value. Check out these lashes!

 Pretty Little Liars is now streaming exclusively on HBO MAX

Everything you get: 

  • Swaggy Lash
  • Dolly Lash
  • Sassy Lash
  • Pretty Lash
  • Flashy Lash
  • Black Magnetic Liner (Full Size)
  • Rose Gold Applicator
  • Remover Swabbies
  • Fan
  • All-In-1 Makeup Remover
  • Co-Branded Box

Dangerously Good Lash Styles for Little Liars


Each lash style in the MoxieLash x Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Bundle features a lash we think each Little Liar will love. Take a look below to discover which character matches what lash and learn more about the Little Liars in the NEW HBO MAX series. 




Sassy Lash x Imogen Adams: As a responsible teen mom, she's coined a "true survivor." Imogen will drive the mystery of uncovering "A" as she fights for her life and the lives of her friends.



Dolly Lash x Tabby Hayworth: Though she's an aspiring director and horror movie buff, there's still a little secret she's trying to hide. 




Flashy Lash x Noa Olivar: She might be a little cynical after a summer spent in juvie, but as a track star, she's desperate to get her life back to normal.



Pretty Lash x Faran Bryant: With aspirations to make it out of Millwood, Faran is a poised and disciplined ballerina who isn't just fighting 'A,' but a plethora of other villains.



Swaggy Lash x Mouse: Don't discount this Little Liar just because she's the youngest. As a virtual world fiend, she's more than capable of taking on whatever dark forces come her way. 

Ready to wear what the Little Liars love? Grab your MoxieLash x Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Bundle while you can—limited supplies are available. 


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