8 Game-Changing Tips for Perfect Winged Liner (Every Time!)

Clarissa Naquila @ 2018-08-15 12:14:56 -0700

Flawless winged liner is like the LBD — fierce, polished, sexy (and you know it). It goes with anything. It gets you noticed. It’s extra sultry with long, thick lashes. When your eyes are on point, you can pretty much take on the world.

Like most awesome things, it takes a little know-how. Luckily, our friend and gorgeous beauty expert Bianca made an amazing video with some seriously helpful secrets to nailing the look.

Use the right liner.

Not all eyeliners are created equal. The right one can make winged liner feel effortless. Look for a felt liner that’s deeply pigmented, fine tipped, and doesn’t skip or tug on your skin.

Bianca loves our super-pigmented MoxieLiner because it’s amazing for beginners to create any look. The formula glides on smoothly and the applicator tip is perfect for drawing precise lines -- thin or thick.

It’s the only liquid eyeliner you’ll ever need.

Keep your head up.

A lot of us close one eye and bend our heads forward while applying liner. It’s just instinctive. To get really symmetrical, perfectly-angled wings, it’s actually better to do the opposite -- keep both eyes open and face the mirror head-on. Good makeup tip, great life advice.

Stamp it.

An quick shortcut to getting a straight line (wobbly hands notwithstanding) is to use the applicator as a stamp. Position the liner at the angle that you want, then lay it down lengthwise to outline the bottom edge of your wing.

The rest is smooth sailing. Just draw a triangle and fill it in.

Perfect the edges.

Some people say they want wings so sharp they could cut a man. That’s a little intense, but honestly, relatable. To get ultra-crisp, clean lines, you don’t need flawless liner application. Just pick up a tiny bit of concealer with an angled brush and lightly sweep it along the bottom edge.

Congrats! Now it looks perfect. Just like you.

Make it matte.

If your eyeliner looks a little too shiny, use a small brush and pat black eye shadow on the liner for a mattified finish.

<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2569/3918/files/moxielash_jenna_soard_gif.gif?353472880102539256">

Clean & correct.

To err is human; to forgive yourself for making one wing wayyy longer than the other, divine. It happens to the best of us. Moisten a Q-tip with makeup remover and pull it along the edge of your liner to erase any mistakes.

Get a sharp, straight line -- effortlessly.

Enter: Scotch tape. Press it against your hand once or twice, line it up between the outer corner of your eye and the tip of your eyebrow, and stick it. Now you’ve got a foolproof way to draw your wing exactly where you want it.

Angle it just right with a stencil.

If you aren’t 100% sure what angle you need, try using an index card as a guideline instead of tape. Hold it lightly against the outer corner of your eye and reposition until it looks right. Use your other hand to draw the liner along the edge of the card.

Want to try these tips yourself? Make it work with MoxieLiner!

“This is my favorite eyeliner because it’s not only waterproof, but it has the perfect felt tip applicator that allows me to create any kind of precise line… I highly recommend this one from MoxieLash.”


Watch the full video below:

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