Top 5 Weird Beauty Treatments in 2019

247 Labs Inc. Collaborator @ 2019-09-25 06:23:17 -0700

Ever seen a weird beauty treatment that made you stop for a moment and reconsider your entire life? Yes? No? Whatever your answer…Babe, we're showing you the top 5 weirdest rituals in the beauty industry that you need to know about. We are talking snails, placenta facials and some other skincare and beautifying regimens that are all-the-rage and we're like…why? Or maybe, we should just cave in and go full-on "weird" with the rest of these beauty fanatics. 

Here are the top 5 Weird Beauty Treatments of 2019 like snail facials and more.

Japanese Nightingale Facial:

Also known as 'Bird poop facial treatment.' To get the best results, experts recommend mixing the bird excrement with rice bran and water to exfoliate your skin and make it glow. We're sorry, Victoria Beckham, but we will have to pass.

Fire Facial:

After the hot Brazilian trend of using candles to remove split ends, it's now time to let the Chinese set your face on fire! Even though it seems risky, as a cloth soaked in alcohol is placed on the face and set on flames, therapists believe this to be the ultimate secret for ageless skin. 

  1. Snail Facial:

Compared to the other beauty treatments, this one may not be the riskiest, but it's certainly not any less weird. Snail slime promises to make your skin look younger, but can you imagine snails crawling all over your face and covering it entirely in snail mucus? Well, we can't. I would rather spend that $250 on something less disgusting and more entertaining.

Face-Slapping Massage: 

We know beauty comes at a cost, that's why we spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products. The question is, are you ready to pay the same amount for someone to slap you in the face? That's what Thai facial treatment suggests. For over $300, you are guaranteed to get slapped continuously for 15 minutes to prevent aging and wrinkles. Leaving the salon with a red face is a given!

Vampire Facelift:

We are used to seeing the Kardashians do weird things all the time, but one that surely gained everyone's attention is Kim's platelet-rich plasma injections on we've seen on her bloody Instagram selfies. The Vampire Facial is said to have rejuvenating skin benefits. The principle behind it is simple: Blood is drawn from you and then injected in your face. Unfortunately, this beauty treatment comes with a lot of pain; even Kim K. can't handle!

We're always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to beauty--hello magnetic eyeliner and lashes. But let's be real babe, these beauty treatments are unquestionably beyond our comfort zone. Thanks. 




Did you see anything that you'd do for a beauty treatment?