Magnetic Eyelashes 101: What Are They And Where to Buy Them

val yakovchik @ 2019-05-21 23:01:34 -0700

Magnetic Eyelashes

Eyes are the window to the soul. Whether you believe it or not, they are definitely a parameter of beauty. A parameter that becomes easier to attain with changing beauty and makeup trends.

The recent explosion of eyelash extensions, growth serums, curling tools and lengthening mascaras all validate the one beauty trend that’s the talk of the town, longer, fuller eyelashes.

Regardless of all the beauty tech and trends, applying false eyelashes is an art in itself. An art that celebrities and makeup artists have perfected over the years.

The boom of magnetic eyelashes in the market proves that the trend of fuller, thicker lashes is here to stay.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes provide two strips of lashes for each eye. One strip that goes under the top eyelash and a strip that goes on top of the lashes. Both the strips have a magnetic piece in the centre. You can tell the bottom and top pieces apart usually with some indicator like a red dot.

There is no glue needed in using magnetic eyelashes but at first, you will need a bit of practice to apply them.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

While each product differs slightly, it is important to follow the instructions on the package. It is sometimes recommended to trim the lashes so that they fit naturally along your lash line. You can start by applying a coat of mascara so that your eyelashes have a better grip.

As mentioned above, there are two strips for each eye. Start by laying the upper portion of the magnetic lash over the top of your lash line and then place the under part of it underneath your lash line. The magnets will align and your magnetic eyelash is in place.

Why magnetic eyelashes are the real game changer

First, they are reusable. The application is very easy once you get the hang of it. The accent lashes may even take less time than mascara and there is no sticky adhesive, no mess, and no fear of allergies.

And the removal is pretty simple too. All you need to do is just pull the false lashes apart gently - no oil, no wipes, and no mess. To top it all off, they are budget friendly.

In fact, magnetic eyelashes were the most searched beauty trend of 2018. 

Safety concerns

Many women who are new to magnetic eyelashes have asked us if they are safe to use.

The answer is yes. Magnetic eyelashes are totally safe to use. This is because the amount of electromagnetic frequency that is released from the false eyelashes is insignificant.

Optometrists have even suggested that magnetic eyelashes might be safer to use than their adhesive counterparts. Be sure to pick a magnetic eyelash pair that is FDA approved.  Since FDA regulates falsies, extensions, and similar accessories, it is best to use an approved product.

The only time you have to be careful is if you go near a magnet sensitive machine such as MRIs. Many technicians are not aware of their use because magnetic lashes are a new trend. So it is better to be mindful and take them off before you go.

Aftercare for Lashes

Magnetic eyelashes last quite a long time. And caring for them is very easy. Makeup artists have embraced this trend because once you have removed your lashes and placed them back into the case, there is no aftercare required.

The lashes can be worn many times without cleaning but you should still clean them to make them last longer.

Where to buy magnetic eyelashes?

We are sure that by now you must be tempted to try a pair out and see what’s the fuss about.

If you are wondering where to buy them, they have popped up in beauty malls and stores like Sephora as well as online retailers.

MoxieLash sells three different styles of magnetic eyelashes - classy, sassy and flashy lass all serving a different purpose and occasion. The lash styles are designed for different eye shapes. The lashes also come with multiple magnets unlike the ones available from other brands.

This enables you to cut lashes down to smaller sections so you have full control over the size and style.

The flashy lash comes with 5 magnets so that you can cut it down to 4,3 or 2 magnets depending on the requirement. The classy look offers a natural look while the sassy has the right amount of sass with 3 different magnets for a bold look.

In fact, MoxielLash is the pioneers in the magnetic eyeliner segment with the MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner.

Are you on board with the magnetic eye-lash trend yet?

Mess-free, reusable, pocket-friendly and extremely glam. What’s not to like! Try magnetic eyelashes once and you will be hooked.