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Loyalty & Rewards
Spend Per Year
Points Per Dollar
Double Points
1x / YEAR
2x / YEAR
3x / YEAR
Birthday Gift
500 pts
1000 pts
2500 pts
VIP Early Access
Make 5 Purchases
1000 pts
1000 pts
1000 pts
What is the Moxie Insider Club?
  • We believe that our most loyal customers deserve VIP treatment and the MOXIE INSIDER CLUB is just that! Every 1000 points gets you $10 in MOXIE REWARDS to shop on MOXIELASH.com!
Who can join the Moxie Insider Club?
  • Any US resident who is 18 years or older! All the communications will be in English and the currency value will be in USD.
AFTER: Is it free to join the Moxie Insider Club?
  • Yes, the MOXIE INSIDER CLUB is 100% free to join! All you need to do is provide your full name, email address, and agree to the LOYALTY CLUB terms and conditions.
How can I earn Moxie points?
  • You earn points on any merchandise you buy on MOXIELASH.com and don’t return! The points will be applied to your account 30 days from the date that your order ships.  Taxes, fees, services (including shipping, gift wrap, etc.), gift certificates, and the coupon amount applied to a purchase do not qualify for points.
What can I get with my Moxie points?
  • Once you earn 1000 points, you can redeem your points for $10 in MOXIE REWARDS to shop on MOXIELASH.com.
How do I use my available Moxie Rewards?
  • When you are logged in to your MOXIE account, your MOXIE REWARDS are automatically available to you at checkout! At Checkout, click "Redeem" under the "MOXIE REWARDS" section. Super simple!
Do Moxie Rewards expire?
  • Yes, Moxie Rewards expire six months from the date they are issued. The expiration date is stated under Points & Rewards history on your Moxie Insider account for your convenience. So don’t wait – use them today!
Why didn’t I earn Moxie Rewards points on my purchase?
  • Sorry you’re having issues! There are different reasons why a purchase may not have earned points. The most common reasons are:
    • You checked out as a guest! Make sure you log in before checking out so we can apply points to your account.
    • You returned your purchase! Please note that you will only receive points for items you purchase and do not return. Points are pending until 30 days after purchase.
    • You shipped your items to locations outside of the United States! As stated in the Terms and Conditions, you will not earn points for shipments made outside of the U.S.
What happens to my points after I return items?
  • If purchased through your Moxie account, then all points earned from the item(s), including bonus points, will be deducted from your account when merchandise is returned. It is possible your account could have a negative balance after merchandise is returned.
Can I transfer my points?
  • Not at this time –  points are earned on purchases you've made while logged into your account and cannot be transferred to other accounts! Your points can only be associated with one MOXIE INSIDER account. Points earned on multiple accounts will not be combined.
I received an email saying that I will receive triple the points on a brand-of-the-month. What does that mean?
  • If you are a Prestige Rewards Level Moxie Insider you will be given double point days to use during special online events! For example, Prestige Rewards Level Members would receive six points per dollar instead of three points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases during a special event. Your points will automatically be applied, so keep an eye out for those emails, then sit back and watch the points roll in.
How can I attain a high level in the Moxie Insider Club?
  • Your level is based on your year-to-date spend at MOXIELASH.com. Eligibility for higher levels is based on your calendar year net spend.
If I move up a level, what happens to my previous benefits?
  • Don’t worry! Every time you achieve a new level, you still receive the benefits of all the preceding levels.
How long will my level and benefits last?
  • Our benefits are made to last! Your level and benefits are good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following full calendar year! After that, you must requalify.
    • For example: If your year-to-date net purchases exceed $150 by December 1st,  2022, you’ll receive Premium benefits through December 31st, 2023. If your net spend in 2023 exceeds $500, you will requalify for Prestige benefits.
  • MoxieLash reserves the right to alter or discontinue the program at any time. REWARDS already issued will be valid for 6 months from the date they are issued.
Is it possible for me to lose access to the points and benefits I’ve earned?
  • We want to remind you that MoxieLash reserves the right to alter or discontinue our rewards and benefits program at any time. Benefits, including MOXIE REWARDS and points, will expire if we end the MOXIE INSIDER CLUB. We also reserve the right to disqualify any person from participating, or cancel your participation in the MOXIE INSIDER CLUB if we believe you are violating the Terms and Conditions, reselling products, manipulating the program, making excessive returns, engaged in fraud, abuse of rewards privileges or other conduct inconsistent with the program's intent, or for any other reason we deem necessary based on our sole discretion. If your account is canceled or you opt out of the Loyalty Club, you forfeit any unused MOXIE REWARDS as well as all MOXIE POINTS that have not been redeemed.
Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get you signed up!