How do I use MoxieLash?

val yakovchik @ 2019-11-12 05:31:33 -0800

Our eyeliner is applied like any other eyeliner, however the MoxieLash eyeliner is magnetic. Our lashes have little magnets on the lash bands and they magnetize to the eyeliner. 

Line your eyes, let our MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner dry completely & apply your favorite MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes. Simple! 

The MoxieLash secret to making our eyeliner last all day is our formula; it’s water, not alcohol-based. With a slightly longer drying time, you can experience a weather-proof all day lash experience, without losing your hold. 

Remove the eyeliner with our specially designed castor-oil infused MoxieLash Eyeliner Remover Swabs.  We highly recommend these swabs for your removal. For just $8 for a pack of 30, or $20 for a set of 90, you can ensure you get the best MoxieLash experience. 

If you have any trouble, our customer support girls are happy to walk you through it.