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In our not-so-humble opinion, false lashes are the best part of your glam routine. The perfect pair of falsies can take your look from Not to Hot in a heartbeat, but you have to find the right pair. 


At MoxieLash, we know that there are all different eye shapes out there, and sometimes people need a little help figuring out what works for them. If you’re one of those people, keep reading to find the ultimate guide for your next lash purchase!


Find Your Eye Shape


Finding your eye shape is the first step to mastering your best glam look, but sometimes it can be a struggle to figure out exactly what eye shape you have. 

So, before we get to the fun part (talking all things lashes, obviously), we need to figure out what eye shape you have. 


Upturned eyes 

When you draw an imaginary line across the center of your eyes, see if the corners of your temples are above or below the line. If it is above the line, you have upturned eyes. 


Downturned eyes 

Take that same imaginary line, and see if the outer corner of your eye is underneath the line. If that’s the case, you have downturned eyes. 


Almond eyes 

If you have a visible crease in your eyelid and your iris touches both the top and bottom of your eyelid, you have almond eyes. 


Hooded eyes  

If you have hooded eyes, the skin of your brow hangs down over your crease, making your upper lid look smaller. If you can’t see that crease when your eyes are completely open, then you have hooded eyes. 


Round eyes 

Look straight ahead in the mirror. If you can see the white of your eyes below the iris, you have round eyes.


Monolid eyes 

Look for the crease in the center of your eyelid. If you don’t have a crease, you have monolid eyes. 


Your best lash looks have everything to do with your eye shape. Now that we’ve gotten that figured out, we can find you find the perfect lashes to make you look and feel your best!


 Upturned Eyes 

What magnetic eyelashes work best with up-turned eyes?


Oval-shaped and striking, upturned eyes have a natural lift in the outside corners, which can give the appearance of a larger eyelid area (which makes you the perfect candidate for some killer eyeshadow looks). 


What to buy - For all you upturned eyed people, your best bet is something ultra-dramatic. In your case, the more, the better! Try a bold lash that is longer towards the outside edges for a glamorous cat-eye look. 


Downturned Eyes

Best magnetic eyelashes for downturned eyes.


You might describe this eye shape as “Vintage-esque.” In the 1920’s Hollywood movie stars would pack eyeshadow to their outer-lid to duplicate this eye-shape, so you’re in good company with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and other beauty icons. 


Your eye-shape is stunning enough, so you don't want to cover it up with absolutely massive lashes. The more natural look is your best friend! 


Downturned eyes are still quite versatile, though, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Variety packs are great because they offer different thicknesses, lengths, and cuts, so you can try out all the looks you’d like until you find one that you love.

Almond Eyes 


Best magnetic eyelashes for almond eye shapes from MoxieLash. 

If you have almond eyes, you can probably pull off pretty much any makeup look and eyelash set, you lucky thing, you. Since your eye shape means you can rock almost anything, you might as well go a little outside the box. 


Flirty lashes with a unique distribution pattern aren’t always the easiest to pull off, but we know you’re gonna be able to kill this look!


Pro tip: Consider purchasing a variety pack of lashes. This way, you can switch it up every once and a while. 


Hooded Eyes

Best magnetic lashes for hooded eye shapes from MoxieLash.


This gorgeous eye shape is actually more common than you think. They’re sometimes referred to as bedroom eyes because they give you a sleepy, sultry look that some people need to apply makeup to achieve.


 If you’re still not sure if you have hooded eyes, check out some celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift. Yeah, some absolute babes, and girl, your makeup can look that good too! 


Hooded eyes can be a bit more difficult to work with, but it just takes a little practice. However, at MoxieLash, we have the best last set that will leave your eyes looking big and bright. 


Look for a thinner flirtier lash set that is long in the center that tapers out at the edges. Less is more for you. If you go too heavy on the lashes, it will weigh down your eyes and leave them looking tired and small.


Another great way to style your hooded eyes is with small accent lashes, which give you a little pop of glamour just at the outer corners of your eyes.


Round Eyes


Best magnetic lashes for round eyes.


Round eyes look great with nearly all eyelashes. Just try to avoid anything super thick, as this can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, consider something thin and whispy! This will give your eyes the perfect pop while still looking flirty and sweet. 


 Monolid Eyes 

Here are the best lashes for monolid eyes.


The beauty of monolid eyes is totally underrated. Monolid eyes, also known as an epicanthic fold, is when a skin fold on your upper eyelid makes it looks like there is no eye-crease line below your brow area, hence the name “single eyelid.” 


Monolid eyes are beautiful and work as the perfect blank canvas for any makeup look or eyelash set. Monolid eyes look especially fantastic with a bright monochromatic look. For your next night out, try a bright shadow paired with a light criss-cross lash. If you’re feeling extra saucy, try out some colored lashes that match with your shadow color. 


Bonus Tip


When you’re buying these fab lashes, if you’re struggling to find the perfect pair, ask for help! Lucky for you, MoxieLash arranges our lashes by which eye shape they look especially fab with, so finding the perfect magnetic lash is even easier.


Don't be afraid to ask for help about what look will work best with your eye shape. Not everyone has the perfect “rounded” or “almond” eye or fits into these categories, so your perfect lash set may be a mixture of thick and dramatic or thin and wispy. 


We know trying to find your perfect match in a sea of falsies can feel overwhelming and impossible. But MoxieLash is here to help you look fabulous and feel fantastic.


Who would have thought your eye shape would have so much to do with what lashes you’ve been wearing? We don’t want you to worry, though, because these are just suggestions! If a specific lash is calling your name, then girl, go get that lash! The most important thing is that you’re vibing with your look.


Here at MoxieLash, we get that everyone needs a little guidance here and there, especially when it comes to trying out new makeup looks. We want you to look and feel your best, and that all starts with having the most glam lashes in the game!

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