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The Best Way To Remove Makeup: The Dos And Don'ts

Your skincare routine is what gives you healthy, glowy skin; that’s common knowledge. But somehow, even when we spend time every night scrubbing our eyes to get that last bit of makeup off, we still wake up with raccoon eyes and jet black sleepies nestled in the corners of your eyes. 

Here at MoxieLash, we know that clear skin is the first step to feeling fabulous, so we’re going to offer our insights on all things skincare so that you can complement your gorgeous magnetic lashes with a bright, beautiful complexion. Follow along for some major dos and don’ts when it comes to makeup removal.


The Dos

Do: Take Your Time 

It’s the end of a long day, and all you can think about is your comfy bed. But that’s no excuse to skip the most important part of your night, your skin routine! You need to take your time and give your skin all the attention it deserves. Gently removing your makeup takes some time because you need to get every single bit of your full beat off. 

Remember, quickly scrubbing can cause friction, which leads to redness, irritation, and wrinkles, especially on sensitive skin. So not what we’re looking for! 

Do: Lather And Leave It 

Patience is key when it comes to your nightly cleanse. A great way to assure your face is completely makeup-free is by following these two tips— lather and leave it. 

Apply your facial cleanser and let it sit on your skin for a good amount of time (up to 5 minutes). This way, you know the cleanser is softening any dried-out mascara or eyeliner, making the final scrub and rinse easy. We know our magnetic liner is great, but we don’t exactly want to sleep in it. 

Do: Ditch The Makeup Wipes

Guys, makeup wipes just don’t do the job. Half the time, you just end up rubbing the makeup around your face and get it all clogged in your pores, which can lead to unwanted breakouts. 

If you can’t let go of your wipes, you can still use them to take off that first layer of makeup before you cleanse, but you definitely still need to wash up. 


Do: Buy Cleansers Made For Makeup Removal 

Talk about a time saver! Buying a cleanser that is made for makeup removal will get the maximum amount of makeup off with the minimum effort. We told you that your makeup wipes weren’t going to cut it! 

What should you look for in a cleanser?


  • Exfoliants
  • Exfoliants are great for makeup removal and removing pesky dead skin cells, but watch out if you have extra sensitive skin. Exfoliants can be harsh on certain skin types, especially if you use them too often.

  • Oil-based 
  • We know what you are thinking: how will an oil-based cleanser give me clearer skin, especially if pimples are the problem? 

    Well, oil dissolves oil, which makes oil-based cleansers like the one from MoxieLash the ideal candidate when you’re trying to get off makeup. However, make sure that you never use an oil-based cleanser on a set of false eyelashes, as this can cause the individual lash pieces to fall out.

  • Micellar water
  • Because it has minimal ingredients, micellar water is great for removing any makeup, dirt, or oils. It’s also alcohol-free, which means each wash will leave your skin feeling hydrated and primed for the rest of your PM routine.

    Do: Remember Your Hairline 

    Remembering to pull back your hair can mean the difference between waking up with clear, glowy skin and break-outs galore. If you’re not careful, the natural oils from your hair can transfer to your skin and clog your pores. 

    Make sure you’re tying back your hair every cleansing session and getting to all those hard to reach places!

    Do: Wash Twice A Day

    Washing your face twice a day is ideal, once in the morning and once at night. Washing your face too frequently can lead to dry, irritated skin, and you definitely don’t want that. Some people with sensitive skin might even be best off only using a cleanser at night and sticking to splashing water on their faces in the morning. 

    Do: Double Cleansing Method 

    A two-step routine is a surefire way to get all of your makeup off (which we know can be sad when you spent so long perfecting the perfect look). 

    1) Start with an oil-based cleanser. MoxieLash’s All-In-One Makeup Remover uses castor oil and hyaluronic acid to gently clean your skin, remove all your makeup, and add moisture. 

    2) Finish off with a mild face wash. This step will wash away all that excess oil and make sure your skin is ready to soak up all the gorgeous moisturizer that we’re sure you’ll be applying (more on that later).  

    Do: Gently Remove Falsies 

    If you wear glue-on false lashes, gently peel them off and then using an oil-based cleanser to get excess glue off your eyes. We are literally begging you, do not tear them off. Doing that can seriously damage your natural lashes and the delicate skin around your eyes. 

    Pro tip: Magnetic Lashes  are a way better alternative to the hassle of glue-on fake lashes. Say goodbye to damage and irritation because our lashes just use a magnetic liner to stay in place all day. 

    The Don’ts

    Don’t: Use Cotton Balls 

    A huge makeup removal don’t is using cotton balls during your routine. Cotton balls leave behind residue that can clog your pores and lead to break-outs. Plus, they’re pretty hard to control. 

    Instead, make the switch to our Remover Swabbies. They’re way easier to handle and to get into those hard to reach places.

    Don’t: Use Generic Bar Soap 

    Unless this bar is specially formulated for face washing, chances are it will alter your pH-balance, resulting in more bacterial and yeast growth, which is a recipe for a terrible break-out. You’ll also be at risk of drying out your skin.

    Don’t: Use A Wash Cloth

    Washcloths can be harsh on your skin. That is why when it comes to washing your face, most of the time, your own two hands are your best option. Use your fingertips to gently massage the product into your skin, so you’re totally removing any stuck-on makeup. 

    If you’re looking to exfoliate, a washcloth can work if you gently work it across your skin. We wouldn’t recommend doing this more than 2-3 times a week, though, so you’re not rubbing your face raw.

    Don’t: Overdo It 

    If you’re overwashing, you’re stripping your face of all its natural oils, which can lead to dry or overly oily skin. 

    The same goes for exfoliating. If done correctly, this can be a great part of your routine, but if overdone, your skin will be left overworked and irritated. 

    Don’t: Forget Your Moisturizer 

    Forgetting your moisturizer happens. One night won’t destroy your hard-earned gorgeous skin, but over time, it’ll catch up to you. 

    Clear Skin Goes With Everything

    When you take care of your skin, all the other makeup products that you’re using will look better too, and that includes your magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes are the future, and they make application and removal super easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can skimp on your skincare routine. 


    Nobody knows your skin the way you do, so while following these tips, remember to listen to your skin. Glowy, beautiful skin goes with everything, so great ready to pop on your latest MoxieLash obsession and walk out the door feeling and looking beautiful.

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