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It’s true. Each of us is wonderfully unique in so many ways. Take your eyes, for example. The world is full of so many beautiful eye shapes, colors, and sizes. If we know that our distinctiveness is what makes us so special, why wouldn’t we want a lash that uniquely complements our eyes, as well? Thankfully, there are many eyelash lengths available to suit your special set of eyes.


 If you are looking to find a lash length that perfectly frames the natural beauty of your eyes, we are here to help. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about eyelash lengths, how to choose the right pair, and which lengths will work best for you.



Enhance Your Eyes in Minutes

 Take a look at all the different eye shapes that MoxieLash magnetic lashes work well with.


There are many levels of drama you can choose from when shopping for the right set of lash length for your eyes. From shorter subtle lashes to long and strong, lash lengths typically fall eight and eighteen millimeters and can be broken down into these four main categories:


  • Short (8mm length): This is a very natural length typically only used for inner corner lashes.


  • Medium (10-12mm length): This length is still very natural looking, like real lashes with mascara.


  • Long (13-14mm length): Lashes in this length deliver a little extra drama.


  • Very Long (length of 15 mm and above): These deliver all the glam your eyes can hold.


These are the general categories of lash lengths, but similarly to how a dress of the same length can look longer or shorter depending on the height of its wearer, different lash lengths may look more or less natural on differently sized eyes. So how can you pick the right length for you? There are a few factors to consider.


Personal Preference


One of the most important considerations when searching for your perfect lash length is to find a lash that fits your personal style. Whether you are a total glam girl or a bohemian babe, every look and occasion can be perfectly accessorized by the right lash. Here are a few lashes to fit every eye-sthetic.

The Natural Look

Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

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If the natural look is your everyday look, you may not want a very long lash. Instead, opt for a medium lash length. Here are a few of the best lashes in shorter to medium lengths, perfect for the minimalist maven.


  • The Classy Lash. This great everyday lash is the perfect way to enhance your own lashes for a subtle look that still frames your eyes. These lashes will add just enough volume and fullness without overwhelming smaller eyes.


  • The Cheeky Lash. This coy corner lash, our most discreet accent lash, is perfect for the girl who wants a little more depth without the drama. These soft lashes look so natural that no one will even know you weren’t born with them. And with their lightness and comfort, you may forget too.


The Bold Look


Perhaps you like to have a little full-face fun. If you like to push the boundaries of boldness when it comes to your make-up, a longer lash can keep your bold look balanced and even compliment your contour. If you are a glam goddess, here are some lengthy lashes for you.


  • The Bossy Lash. This over-the-top lash will not be outdone. If you’re looking for bold, this lash is gold. A true attention-grabber, The Bossy Lash will always get the last word without having to say a thing.


  • The Boujie Lash. Putting on The Boujie Lash is always a power move. Rather than a soft tapered cat-eye, these flashy lashes stay strong and steady from end to end. They’re so sure to make a statement; it’s no wonder they’re a customer favorite.

Your Natural Lash Structure


Personal taste isn’t the only consideration when selecting a lash length. It’s also important to know what your lashes can do. If you’ve got fine or sparse lashes, you may not want to throw on a hefty set of lashes, at least not if you aren’t used to it. 


Conversely, if you’ve got thick lashes, a shorter to medium lash may not be enough to emphasize your eyes. Not to fear, your lash guru is here. 


Accent your eyes with the Baby Magnetic Lashes from MoxieLash! 


If you love long lashes, but you’ve got a fine natural lash line, a wispy accent lash  may be just what you need to lengthen your look without weighing your natural lashes down.


On the other hand, if your naturally dense lashes have you discouraged, thinking there’s no point in joining in on the false lash fun, we’ve got just the thing. No matter your lash density, a flirty colored lash can amp up your look. Play with different colors on different occasions and be your own spirit animal.


Your Natural Lash Length


You can find a flattering false lash length by considering what your mama gave you. If you were born with naturally long lashes, a 12-13mm lash might subtly enhance your eyes, while on someone with shorter natural lashes, a medium lash can be ideal.


Your Eye Shape


Your eyes are unique and special. Their size, color, and shape can affect what kind of make-up application and lashes look best on you. If you’ve got smaller, deep-set eyes, a longer lash with good gurl can help your eyes look bigger and brighter. 


If you’ve got larger, more prominent eyes, your lashes may not have to have the same reach to make an impact. 


Maybe you’re not sure of your eye shape. We’ve got you covered.


Downturned Eyes


Look in the mirror and draw an imaginary line across your eyelid. If the inside corner of your eye is higher than the outside, you’ve got downturned eyes. Eyes like these benefit from a lighter, feathery lash to help lift the outer corner of the eye, creating a balance.


Upturned Eyes


Upturned eyes are essentially the opposite of downturned. If the outer corner of your eye is higher than the inner, your eyes are upturned. These are often referred to as “cat eyes.”


Round Eyes



An easy determiner of round eyes is being able to see the whites of your eyes below the iris. Accent lashes can be great for creating a complimentary almond shape on round eyes. 


Monolid Eyes


Also known as an epicanthic fold, monolid is the term for an upper eyelid lacking a visible crease line. Monolid eyes benefit from a pair of lashes that taper from short on the inner corner to longer on the outer edge. 


Secondly, lashes with plenty of curl can help open the appearance of the eye. Rather than focusing on the correct length for this type of eye, density is key. Monolid eyes look great with a light and fluttery lash.


Hooded Eyes




Hooded eyes can be described as having excess skin hanging over the eyelid, as well as a deep crease. Hooded eyes can naturally develop as you age and may occur with any eye shape, but are often a sign of a prominent brow bone. A hooded eye can be complemented by a lash that has more length over the pupil to help open up the eye.


Almond Eyes



This common eye shape can be recognized by examining your iris. If you cannot see the whites of your eyes above or below the iris, you may have almond-shaped eyes. Almond eyes look good with many types and lengths of lashes. This shape also takes a liquid wingtip well.



In addition to a lash match, each eye shape will be complemented using the right make-up technique. Read more on ways to apply makeup for your eye shape.



Still unsure of your eye shape? Find more details here so you can start searching for the perfect lash for your eye. If you’re new to the world of luxurious lashes, get started with a starter set. This cute little kit contains three gorgeous lash styles that will all look great on you, all in a travel-friendly box.




You can find the perfect set of lashes to suit your eyes by knowing yourself and your style desires. Understanding your unique eye shape and personal style can help you select a set of lashes that compliments your natural beauty or even kick it up a notch by dialing up the drama.


As you try new lash lengths, our magnetic liner makes it easy by allowing you to reposition or switch up your lashes as often as you’d like without ruining your eye makeup or dealing with sticky adhesive. Learn the Moxie Method for perfecting your placement and keeping those lashes clean.

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