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Full, voluminous lashes make an already great makeup look next level. There’s more than one way to achieve that gorgeous transformation. Some people use lash extensions, but others don’t want to deal with the drama of lash extensions and turn to false lashes, like the fabulous magnetic lashes you can get from MoxieLash, instead.

Either way, the hybrid lash look is perfect for drama. You’re getting the best of a volume application and a classic application all rolled up in one glamorous package. 


If you have a flair for the dramatic, you want your lashes to have the same flair. Duplicating the hybrid look is relatively easy— especially if you’re looking to achieve the look without the commitment. 

The Difference Between Classic, Volume, And Hybrid Lash Extensions

A lash technician can apply lash extensions in three ways. 

One of the most popular application methods is the classic application. Your technician will use a permanent adhesive to secure one single lash fiber to one of your natural lashes until nearly all of them have been extended. People who are looking for length usually go for this. 

We’ve also got the volume application. This application involves using “fans” of lashes. They’re little clusters made of three lashes that are glued to one natural lash. 




These fans can literally quadruple the volume of every lash. Rather than a one to one ratio like classic extensions, volume application uses a three to one ratio, giving you that massive Bambi eye look.

Hybrid lash extensions are the best of both worlds (cue the Hannah Montana music). A hybrid set is a mix of classic and volume extensions. You’ll have longer pieces and wider fans applied together for a super extreme end result. 

It’s breathtakingly beautiful, but certainly not for the faint of heart.

Should I Get Lash Extensions?


Find out if you should get lash extensions or not. Are magnetic lashes the way to go?

On the surface, lash extensions might seem like the perfect solution. You wake up in the morning, and you’re ready to go. Great lashes make enough of a difference that you might feel like you don’t need any other makeup. 

But we’re here to tell you the truth about lash extensions because we’re your go-to gals. They are a huge commitment, and they leave you no room to play with your look. The lashes you want for your wedding, the lashes you want to wear to a club, and the lashes you want to wear to work are probably radically different. 

And once we finish telling you about all the problems that can come up with lash extensions, you still don’t have to worry. You can still get that gorgeous hybrid lash look with a pair of magnetic lashes, with none of the commitment and all of the drama. 

They’re A Big Commitment

While classic lash extensions might be appropriate for many occasions, heavy volume applications and hybrid extensions likely won’t be. We support you wearing whatever you want whenever you want, but some people might feel out of place with big, dramatic hybrid lash extensions at an interview for a job. 

Lash extensions also take massive amounts of care to keep them looking good. Think about getting sand in your lash extensions at the beach or trying to wax your eyebrows at home only to have little dribbles make their way into your expensive, permanent lashes. Just trying to take your makeup off or clean your face can cause you to accidentally dislodge lashes or tear them out from the root. No thanks!

The Glue Is Controversial


Using lash extension glue is extremely controversial to use around the eye are.


The adhesive of lash extensions is also a little controversial. It’s completely different from the latex lash adhesive you use with strip lashes (although, honestly, we don’t love that stuff either). 

It’s essentially the same thing as super glue. It’s closer to what they use at the nail salon to apply your tips before they put your acrylics on. 

As such, it’s much harder to remove. It’s a harsh chemical, and it’s always sitting right next to your eyeball. If you change your mind, or if your eyelashes start to look worse for wear sooner than you had anticipated, removing your eyelash extensions is an ordeal. Not only that, but some people face extreme allergic reactions to the glue! 

Think before you commit. There’s always an easier way.

Magnetic Lashes Save The Day


Here's how magnetic lashes give you the look of lash extensions in just minutes.


Strip lashes let you try out whatever chic look you want, without the commitment. You can pop on something simple for work, something dreamy for a date, something dramatic for a festival, or something colorful to play with. They’re easy to put on and take off without damaging your natural lashes. You can 100% get the hybrid lash look of your dreams with very little effort and absolutely no commitment. 

But wait, you say! I have trouble keeping eyelashes on all day, and I hate lash glue. Well, so do we. It gets all over your eyelids and can get stuck to your lashes even after you take them off for the night. 

The solution: enter magnetic lashes. 

Whether you’re using strip lashes or eyelash extensions, you’re probably using liquid eyeliner to define your eyelashes and create a barrier between your lashes and your shadow. If you’re doing that anyway, you might as well use a magnetic liquid liner so that you can just adhere your lashes to that! It’s perfectly safe and easy to use.

Magnetic strip lashes will stick directly to magnetic eyeliner without the use of any glue. They’re easy to put on, they’re easy to take off, and they don’t leave behind any residue. Say goodbye to waking up with your eye glued half shut the morning after a big event. 

Your strip lashes will also last longer because you don’t have to pull little pieces of glue off the band. Talk about a win-win!

Finding The Right Solution Without Any Work 

If you don’t have lash extensions and you don’t want to spend all that money on something so difficult to maintain, you’re a part of the majority. Lash extensions require a lot of upkeep, and magnetic strip lashes give you the freedom you want and ease of application. There are already plenty of magnetic lash extensions that offer both length and volume, all at different intensities of drama. 

Try MoxieLash Sexy Lash for a blend of both long and voluminous, just like a hybrid lash application. Bougie Lash amps things up a little further with even denser volume and greater length. For the most dramatic combination of volume and length, try Bossy Lash

You can also play with volume and length in different shapes. Money Lash has a staggered silhouette, with small recesses between dense volume and high peaks of length for your natural lashes to shine through. Money’s unique shape makes her the most popular glam lash among customers who want drama in all the right places. 

No shade here for anyone who gets lash extensions. We just want to make sure that everyone is happy and knows what they’re getting themselves into when they commit to 6 to 8 weeks of a permanent lash style. 

If you like to change your lashes as often as you change your clothes, we get that too. We have too much fun playing with new shapes and selecting the perfect lash to compliment our eye ensemble.



We have the perfect hybrid style strip lashes to amp up your look so that you don’t have to both with the time, price, and commitment that comes along with a lash application. Our lashes are easy to put on, easy to take off, and easy to use 30 or more times before they’ll need to be retired. Our dramatic hybrid magnetic lashes are ready to be your new best friend. 


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