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Here at MoxieLash, we know that no two sets of eyes are exactly alike, just like no two bodies are the same, even though all are beautiful. If you want something to look like it was made just for you, whether that’s clothes or your full glam lashes, you’re gonna have to do a little tailoring. 



Falsies are made to fit as many people and eye shapes as possible, which means that they’re often designed with wider, larger eyes in mind. That’s because people with larger eyes can’t extend their false eyelashes, but people with smaller or uniquely shaped eyes can grab some scissors and modify their false eyelashes to make them work perfectly. 

With a little patience, you can trim your false eyelashes to a completely custom length. And if you have quality lashes like our magnetic ones, you’ll be able to keep using them wear after wear!

Why Trim False Eyelashes?


We trim our false lashes to shorten the length of the band. People with smaller eyes often find that the band is too wide for their eyes, leading to lashes that extend too far into the inner corner or too far off the outer corner. This can get uncomfortable and fast. Who wants the corner of a lash poking into their eye?

Trim false magnetic lashes like this


Your lashlines are usually two slightly different lengths. Almost no one has a perfectly symmetrical face (and if you ever tried out that TikTok trend, you probably know why).


Most people find that, like their brows, their eyes are not twins but sisters. They’re similar enough that you can tell they’re a pair, but they each have their own subtle quirks that make them unique. If this is the case, you’ll have to trim each lash band differently. 

Some people also try to trim their lashes the length of the fibers themselves. If you have a monolid, a lower brow, or hooded eyes, you might find that the length of some dramatic lashes is a bit too much. 

But honestly, we don’t recommend trying to do this. Lash bands often have fibers of all different lengths, so trimming them to look even can be extremely difficult. If you’re having issues with lashes that are too long, opt instead for a lighter, shorter set of lashes right from the start. 

Trimming Individual Lashes For Length

Individual lashes, little clusters with or without a knot, come in different lengths. If your individual lashes are too long, it’s not wise to trim them. It can be hard to keep track of the uniformity when trimming individual lashes down to length. 

Trimming Strip Lashes For Length

If you must do it, trimming strip lashes for length requires a lot of patience. You need to make sure you don’t cut too much off, as you can’t put it back on. Trimming too much length off can completely ruin the lashes. It’s worth the effort to get them perfect.

Use very small scissors to trim the length of your lashes. Think manicure scissors or the tiny scissors that come in first aid kits. Start by holding the strip lash up to your natural lash, allowing you to gauge how much length needs to come off. 


How to trim your magnetic lashes for length with these easy steps.


Take note of the varying lengths of the lash. Is it longer in some places and shorter in others, broken up into little varied clusters? You want to honor that. 

Trimming straight across will ruin the shape and silhouette of the lash, which is what makes it so beautiful. You want to cut the same amount of length off of every varied cluster. Start by trimming each side about half the length you feel like you need. 

Once you’ve cut half the length that you think you need to trim, hold them up to your lash line and check again. If you still think you need more, use the same approach. Cut half off what you estimate you need, and hold them up again.

You may have to trim them and try them on four or five times with these subtle adjustments, but in the end, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t just hack away at them like the Texas chainsaw killer. 

If they look too artificially blunt when you’re done trimming them, try feathering them out. Angle your scissors so that they’re cutting vertically. This technique is called point cutting, and it’s what hairdressers use to create perfect ends. 

Make sure to keep the point of the scissors away from the lash band to avoid accidentally chopping it. Then, use tiny little vertical cuts to feather out the lashes. They’ll go back to looking like natural hair ends: soft, tapered, and wispy. 

Trimming Strip Lashes For Width


When your strip lashes are too long for your eye, you’ll need to measure and cut each one individually. The cut probably won’t be the same for both bands. Even if your eyes appear to be the exact same, small differences are natural. 


How to trim magnetic lashes for length.



Cut the lashes from the outside edge. Most false eyelashes taper so that the shorter, wispy lashes are near the inner corner of the eye. These lashes are more comfortable in that delicate area, and they look a lot more natural. If you trim from the inner corner, you’d wind up with more blunt cut, longer lashes near your tear duct which can be uncomfortable. 

Hold the lashes up to your eyes to measure. You can use a dot of colored liquid liner on the lash strip to mark where the cut needs to go. If the cut interrupts a cluster of lashes or would negatively affect the shape, you might want to take some creative liberties with moving the cut over.

It’s best to take off a little bit more than you need and anchor the lash at the outer corner of the eye, leaving the inner corner more open. You can always apply a few coats of mascara to the lashes at the inner corner of the eye to help the strip lash blend with your natural lash. 

Trimming Magnetic Strip Lashes For Width


Trimming magnetic strip lashes for width is a little more complicated. You won’t be gluing down any part of the strip. You’re relying on the magnets to make contact with your magnetic eyeliner, and the magnets have already been placed along the lash strip.


Baddy Magnetic Lash from MoxieLash


You’ll measure the lashes the same way, but you’re much more limited in where you can make the cut. You want the cut to be placed so that the new end of the eyelash begins with a magnet. This is necessary to keep the outer corner secure. When in doubt, round up to the nearest magnet and place the lashes closer to the outer corner. 

If you’re nervous about cutting magnetic lashes, you can avoid that altogether by using accent lashes. Accent lashes are small enough to fit most eyes without needing a trim, and they’re easy to blend with your real lashes using a volumizing mascara (mascara before lashes). If you’d rather have a beautiful solution that’s ready right out of the box, you’ll never have to worry about messing anything up. 

Styles like Baby Lash, Cheeky Lash, and Foxy Lash should never have to be trimmed. For a fuller lash that’s most likely to fit small eyes without the need for a trim, give Classy Lash a shot. Classy is a full band designed to mimic the appearance of luscious, full, beautiful, versatile natural lashes. 


With most false lashes, some trimming is going to be necessary. Practice and patience are all it really takes to get the perfect fit. 


If you buy quality lashes, they’ll last you so long that it’s worth spending ten minutes trimming them to perfection. If you’re a bigger fan of a grab and go solution, just stick to accent lashes. No scissors required there! 


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