If you've ever wanted a no glue, no magnet lash system that looks natural and like your own—welcome to Lashies by MoxieLash. This new and innovative lash system uses NanoGrip technology to secure false lashes onto a clear or black eyeliner that stays no matter what your day brings.


There are a variety of lash styles to choose from that are ultra-lightweight, require no dry time, and give you the look of lash extensions almost instantly. We're going to break down everything about this new faux eyelash technology and what makes it so unique and easy to use.



Lashies from MoxieLash is a new lash innovation that uses NanoGrip technology to give you a glue-free, and magnet-free, false eyelash application. 

Find out how Lashies works without glue or magnets

One of the coolest things about our new lash innovation is that it requires no glue or magnets to be applied. And—if you've ever dreamed of a clear liner that easily grips onto false lashes, it's finally here because we invented it. Here is exactly how Lashies works to give you your dream lashes. 

Here is what the no glue, no magnet lashie liner is from Lashies by MoxieLash

Lashie Liner: Created specifically for use with our NanoGrip Technology silicone band, Lashie Liner is a silky, water-based formula that glides on smoothly and evenly – no residue, no mess. Just swipe, lash, and go! Perfect for all skin types, including the extra sensitive. Available in clear liner and black liner formulas. 

Why not glue? Not to hate on glue—but the sensitivity level for people is HIGH! Because of that, and the fact that it is incredibly hard to work with (if you aren't a professional makeup artist), it is difficult for the everyday person to use.


Lashies Lashes: Uses a weightless, NanoGrip Technology silicone lash band that instantly attracts to the Lashie Liner for an all day hold.

Why not magnets? We love our magnetic lashes, but we also wanted a clear formula that grips onto the lash band. Magnetic eyeliner requires a specialty pigment to attract to magnetic lash bands. A clear liner option wasn't possible. So, we created another false eyelash solution—Lashies! 


Experience the Best Selling Lashies Lash Styles and Kits

Instantly get the lash look you've always wanted using Lashie no glue, no magnet, clear eyeliner lash system!

Level up your lash game with eleven gorgeous Lashies styles ranging from ultra-natural to va-va-voom! Plus, we even have kits, like The Welcome Bundle and Starter Bundle, to make your life even easier. Check out our lash styles to see which one(s) you need.


Classy Lash: For adding subtle volume and fullness

Get a day to night look with Classy Lashies


Before and after, Classy Lash

Before and after pictures of Classy Lashie that is glue and magnet free lash system with clear liner.

 Classy Lash adds volume and fullness without being overwhelming. Its handcrafted silk layers create a more natural look that fits all eye shapes. and provides all-day comfort and wear. 




Sassy Lash: Bring gorgeous volume and length.

Get a gorgeous mid-glam look with Lashies.

Before and After— Sassy Lash

Before and after pictures of Sassy Lashie that is glue and magnet free lash system with clear liner.

 When you're looking for a bit of luxury in your look, but don't want to go too dramatic or glam, Sassy Lash is your perfect every-day choice. Features our exclusive NanoGrip Technology band. Use with our Lashie Liner to create an instant attraction and bond for all-day comfort and lightweight feel. 



Happy Lash: Curled to open and enhance your eyes


Boujie lash style in Lashies for a glue and magnet free eyelash application. 

Before and After—Happy Lash

Showing your the before and after of Happy Lash by Lashies using our no glue, no magnet lash band!

Our Happy Lashie is like the “unicorn” of all lash styles. Handcrafted, premium mink lashes, evenly distributed in layers of varying lengths for a 3D, voluminous  lash-look. Curled to open, enhance, and make eyes take the center-stage, this Lashie is perfect for all eye shapes, especially almond and hooded eyes. 


Baby Lash: Adds lift and a hint of glam

Baby lash with instant lash gratification. 


Before and After—Baby Lash

Check out baby lash for instant outer edge lift.


Give your natural lash looks a subtle hint of sophistication with our most universal style, Baby Lash. Designed to highlight the outer eye edges, this accent lash is ideal for everyday wear. Use to bring on a pop of glamour to any makeup look.





The Essentials Bundle

Check out this lashies kit for starters.

We mean it when we say “Essentials.” These must-haves have you ready, set to create endless looks with seamless lashes in two of our most versatile styles, our clear liner, and everything you need for application, removal and more.

(Price: $155 - Value: $195)



The Starter Bundle

Take a look at the starter bundle and get an every day glam look.

New to Lashies? Start off with the right lash. The Starter Bundle features our most popular styles: a universal accent lash for subtle sophistication, and a natural looking set for eye catching glam. Get everything you need—accessories included—for a smart start to beautiful lash looks.

(Price: $130 - Value: $155)



How to Apply Lashies No Glue, No Magnet Lash System



Lashies is truly one of the simplest ways to get gorgeous, lightweight lashes you can wear all-day-long! Plus, with care, they are reusable again and again. 


Step 1: Choose between the Black or Clear Lashie Liner. 


Step 2: Swipe on your Lashies Liner as close to your lash line as possible. For best application results, start at the inside corner of the eye and begin gliding along until you get to the outside corner. 


Step 3: There is no dry time needed! Just grab your favorite Lashie style and apply it along your lash line. It will instantly attract and stay in place all day long. 


How to Remove Lashies No Glue, No Magnet Lash System


To get the most out of your Lashies, make sure that you follow these instructions. 


  1. It would be best to have the All-In-1 Makeup Remover for the Lashies removal and lash band care. 
  2. Dip a clean cotton swab into the All-In-1 Makeup Remover and swipe it along the lash line and band. Let it soak for about 10 seconds.
  3. Then, you can lift the outside corner and see if it's loose enough to slide off. If the lash band is still holding on to the liner, swipe on more remover. 
  4. You do not want to pull your Lashies off as this can damage the silicone lash band. 
  5. Place your Lashie back into the box it came in for safekeeping. 
  6. Remove any excess Lashie Liner with your remover.


We know MANY of you are magnetic lash junkies—so, don't worry, they aren't going anywhere. We've just added to the family with this sister-lash option. You can find out even more info about Lashies HERE! And, of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us at support@moxielash.com