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Where To Buy Magnetic False Eyelashes


Want to know where to buy magnetic false eyelashes? Let’s chat. Having long, fluffy, and full eyelashes are every girl’s ultimate goal in the lash department. Chasing this goal is what eventually pushes us to try false lashes. If you’re beauty obsessed, you’ve probably tried all-things-lashes and perhaps have had your lash-dreams completely dashed and turned into a nightmare the moment glue touched your lash line. Let’s get real. It’s a real mess!

Here are the very best places to shop for magnetic eyelashes on the internet and in store. Find bargain magnetic lash options and luxe magnetic false lash options.

The hassle of applying false lashes with glue will make anyone want to avoid false lashes once and for all. But here’s the good news, there is a new wave of false lashes on the beauty market. Welcome to the world of false lashes. We’re going to tell you where you can buy our favorites so that you can get gorgeous lashes without all of the fuss of glue, lash fills, and hours learning how to apply your falsies correct. I mean, who has time for that?

Considering how much the world has struggled with lash glue, it’s no wonder that magnetic lashes have taken the world by storm. Gorgeous lashes with the complete absence of glue, yes please.

So, let’s talk about it, babe. You can find magnetic lashes just about anywhere these days. You can find them at a drugstore, Amazon, salons and boutiques. Today though, we’re just showing you what’s hot online. We’ve done the work for you so you don’t have to think about. We’ll talk durability, what we like about each lash-brand, and give you suggestions on what to get.  And, you can check out our recent post on what are magnetic lashes and how do they work.

We hope this helps you figure out what magnetic false eyelashes to choose from. We’re showing you the absolute best around so you can have the best lashes around. Here is a list below of what magnetic lash brands we’re loving and where you can purchase them from.

Where to buy One Two Cosmetics magnetic false eyelashes

Find out where to buy magnetic eyelashes like one two cosmetics and more.



Being the leader of this kick a** eyelash innovation, Katy Stoker founded One Two Cosmetics especially for women like you and I. The magnetic eyelashes she offers are reusable, lightweight and can be applied without a mascara. On top of that, you will be getting a 30-day money-back guarantee to test them. You will find sets of different styles to choose from for any and all occasions!

  • Shop One Two Cosmetics HERE


Where to buy Lash FX magnetic false eyelashes

Find out where to buy magnetic lashes online and in store like lash fx and more.


This is where you will find lashes named after your favorite model! Whether you are a fan of Meghan Gale, Rosie Hunington-Whitely, Bella or Gigi Hadid, lashes inspired by those angels can all be found at Lash FX. Their magnetic lashes are as fluffy and available at diverse styles for different looks!


Where to buy Ardell magnetic false eyelashes


Speaking of fluffiness, Ardell’s motto seems to be: the more, the better. This is where you will find some of the most dramatic magnetic eyelashes ever! Besides, the magnets will hold the lashes together to perfectly fit your lash line curve. Also, we have to note that these magnetic lashes are extremely budget friendly. 


Where to buy KISS magnetic false eyelashes

where to buy magnetic eyelashes online and in store like KISS magnetic lashes.


These magnetic eyelashes can be easily found at Walmart. For about $11 only, you can make sure to get magnetic eyelashes for every occasion. Ranging from natural to dramatic, KISS magnetic lashes is one of the best magnetic eyelashes providers!

  • Shop Kiss magnetic lashes at Walmart
  • Shop Kiss magnetic lashes on Amazon


Where to buy MoxieLash magnetic false eyelashes

Where to buy magnetic eyelashes like MoxieLash and more.


We always save the very best for last around here. You can try all the magnetic lashes on the market, but we’ve got to be honest, MoxieLash is the most innovative. We’re a little biased, sure, but with have reason for it. Not only does MoxieLash have the best in magnetic lashes with lashes for every mood and occasion, we’ve got the easiest magnetic lash application on the market. You don’t have to try and sandwich your natural lashes between two magnetic lash strips. All you have to do is line your eyelashes with the genius MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner, wait a minute for it to try, then lock your lashes in by placing them over your liner. It’s as easy at that. You can have full, fierce lashes in 3 seconds.  Plus, MoxieLash magnetic lashes are reusable up to 30 times, are wind resistant, and work with your lifestyle.

Now you can finally buy magnetic false lashes and also enjoy the application process. No stress. No glue. MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliners are the lash difference you need.  They are an absolute must have.

Have you tried magnetic lashes before? You can check out an entire tutorial on how to apply magnetic eyelashes and also one on how to apply magnetic eyeliner.

xo, MoxieLash babes

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