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We don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but magnetic lashes over lash extensions are a no-brainer. There, we said it. Even REDDIT users got in on this debate...we’re not kidding! Cool news though, at least the world recognizes the power of a full set of voluminous, gorgeous, natural or dramatic lashes. And now that we got the hard part finished in admitting the truth, it’s time to back up that claim. Let’s do a deep dive into lashes that snap on in seconds with the power of magnetism vs. the falsies that take hours and hours to apply. Read on to see the pros and cons and all the details you’ve been dying to know.


The Truth About Lash Extensions


Look, we’re not here to hate on lash extensions. They’re gorgeous, convenient, and stay on your lashes for up to two weeks! That being said, there are also some major downsides that you should be aware of before booking an appointment. For instance, According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the main risks associated with eyelash extensions are:


  • swelling
  • temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes
  • skin irritation of the eyelid
  • infection of the eyelid or cornea

Not to mention that when you get your lashes extended, your technician places an individual false lash on each and every one of your natural lash hairs. This entire tedious process can take up to 2+ hours, which is a very long time. Add that up, and we’re talking 4+ hours of your life laying on a massage table without the massage. 

Yes, your lashes will look fire if you have an experienced lash technician, but that’s definitely not a guarantee. 

How Do Lash Extensions Work Anyway

Since your lash extensions will be there for a while, you must be sure that they’re the right size, shape, and length to fit your eyes! Your technician typically works with you to determine the proper fit before you lay down on the massage table for the procedure.


As we mentioned earlier, the lash extension process is a little complicated. Your technician will use tweezers to grab a single eyelash extension, add adhesive, and place carefully along your natural lash - slightly above the root. As they make their way across your entire lid, you get to envision all the new lash moments you’ll have with your extensions as you try hard not to blink! 

What to ask a Lash Extension Professional

If you do go the route of a lash extension professional, be prepared to do your homework. It’s extremely important to hire a professional that is a certified cosmetologist or esthetician. Here are a few questions you ask before you hire them to boost your lashes. 


1. Ingredient Checklist: Not all things are equal. Make sure that you ask for an ingredient list. You want to stay far, far away from a nasty ingredient called Formaldehyde. It’s a toxin that can cause bad allergic reactions, and some techs still use it. Gross. 

2. Latex: Some people are highly allergic to this. Again, make sure to check to see if this is in the formula they are using. 

3. Quality of Glue: Nail glue and surgical glue are not the same things. Only surgical glue should be used, period. 

4. Sanitize: At this point, everyone should know that sanitization is essential, even if you’re not a lash tech. When you go to get your lashes extended, make sure their equipment is sterilized, bedding clean, and that they’ve washed their hands thoroughly.

5. Patch Test: If you have concerns about allergies, ask if you can do a patch test before committing to full-blown lashes. The last thing you want is swollen, red, irritated eyes. 

     Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

    With anything, there are positives and negatives, and lash extensions are no exception. Here is a quick breakdown of everything you need to know. 



    • Stays on for up to two weeks
    • You can sleep during your application (hah)
    • You can sleep in your lashes
    • Quicker makeup routines


    • Once applied, you can’t switch up your look 
    • 2 hours for a lash fill 
    • Possible allergic reaction
    • Possible lash loss
    • Extensions need to be brushed and cared for daily

    If you’re up for the risk, go for it! But if you want another way to get the look of lash extensions in a matter of minutes, with far less risk for allergies and irritation, you’re in for a treat. 

     Everything to Know About Magnetic Lashes & Magnetic Liner

    Quality is everything when it comes to finding the best magnetic lashes and liners on the market. If you settle for something cheap, that’s what you’ll get! But if you want quality falsies that scream your personality, apply in a snap, and stay on all day, take a look at MoxieLash - the leading magnetic lash company in the world. Not only did they make the first 10 Magnetic Lash - they also developed the first Magnetic Eyeliner that’s also waterproof. 

    How Do Magnetic Lashes Work? 

    There are a few kinds of magnetic lashes on the market, some that sandwich between your natural lashes and others that apply with a magnetic liner. If you’ve ever tried the first option mentioned, you’ll know how terrible those are to apply. They’re definitely NOT easy to get on and stay on. But MoxieLash, now that’s a whole other story. 


    To get the look of lash extensions in minutes by applying MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner in black or brown, letting it dry for three minutes, then applying whatever lash style you want. Baby Lash is the perfect accent lash that elevates and lifts any eye shape. Or, you can go for a bold and glamorous look with Money Lash. And that’s not all; there are magnetic lashes for monolid, almond, round, and even hooded eye shapes, too - literally a lash for anyone. They even have the first ever brown magnetic lashes on the market for an ultra-natural look. It has sold-like-mad. 

     The Pros and Cons of Magnetic Lash Extensions



    • Quick and easy to apply
    • Unique styles that match your natural lashes
    • Less mess than glue-on lashes
    • Stays on all day
    • Affordable
    • Ideal for both everyday and glam makeup looks
    • Do not damage natural lashes
    • Can be reused




    • May need to be trimmed
    • May not conform to eye shape



    Can you Wear Magnetic Lashes Over Your Lash Extensions?


    If you’ve experienced the sparse and chunky look of lash extensions when they start to fall out, then you’ve probably googled this question “can I wear magnetic lashes over lash extensions.” The short answer is yes! There is no quicker way to fill in the lash fallout gaps than the instant gratification of magnetic liner and lashes. It’s just one or two swipes of magnetic liner, a three minute dry time, and you can click your magnetic lashes right into place. And if you don’t like where you placed them, lift the outside corner, remove it, and place wherever you prefer. 



     The Top Magnetic Lashes For Natural, Bold, and Somewhere In Between Lash Extension Look


    It’s not always easy to describe the lash look you’re going for: bold and glamorous, but not too over-the-top. The type that resembles the lash extension effect, and that you can wear for either simple makeup looks during Zoom school or extravagant glam for a virtual date night. Even if you couldn’t put this desire into words, MoxieLash understands you… and we’ve made the best magnetic lashes that let you lash out for work or play. Find your new favorite sets below!


     Best Bold Magnetic Lashes


    In the mood to make a statement? Invest in the best magnetic lash sets that bring drama and definition to your eyes. Bossy is the most dramatic pair you’ll find at MoxieLash, designed for large eyes and made with V-shaped clusters that command attention. You can also try the Dramatic Kit - featuring three of the top glam lashes (Bossy, Sassy, and Money) and your favorite accessories to go bold or go home with your lash looks. 



     Best Natural Magnetic Lashes


    One of the top reasons that people get lash extensions? A natural, everyday look that requires minimal effort - and that’s exactly what you’ll get (without the tangling!) with the top natural magnetic lashes from MoxieLash. Classy is a top pick that lives up to its name, providing a backdrop for your best eyeshadow looks or simply adding oomph to your lashes for a quick FaceTime. Cheeky and Baby are also great options for the natural makeup lovers who want an upgrade with magnetic lashes. 


    Best Mid-Length Magnetic Lashes


    Many of us have two moods: barely-there makeup or all kinds of boujie. What if you can’t decide which one you’re feeling one day, and need a magnetic lash set that can (as the kids say) do both? MoxieLash has your back. Try mid-level glam lashes like Wifey, Moody, and Naughty for looks that scream “simple and sweet” by day and “glam and gorgeous” by night. 


     In the End, Should You Get Magnetic Lashes Over Lash Extensions?


    The short answer? Yes. But let us explain. Magnetic lashes deliver all the benefits of your beloved lash extensions - including staying power and sturdiness, convenience, and beautiful looks - with hardly any of the downsides. Love the way that your lash extensions shave down your beauty routine? Magnetic lashes snap on in seconds, and stay there all day without the dreaded “lash falling off” feeling. And you don’t have to worry about getting bored of your look, either, as magnetic lashes are available in a variety of styles, lengths, and shapes to compliment any makeup look. Magnetic lashes are the ideal compromise for somebody who isn’t willing to sacrifice their time and lash diversity for a long-wearing pair and vice versa. You can find your favorite sets all on MoxieLash

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