Step-up away from Strip Eyelashes Towards Magnetic Eyelashes

val yakovchik @ 2019-03-05 21:54:43 -0800

If you ask any woman about the make-up ‘must-haves’, among other items like lipstick, kohl, you are also likely to get ‘mascara’ as one of the cosmetics that they would definitely choose over other beauty products. The simple reason being, all women love long, thick eyelashes.

Beautiful eyes with long, thick eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty, and having long lashes makes the eye seem bigger and more beautiful. And it is not just women, countless surveys have shown that men are more attracted to a woman who have beautiful eyes and there is no doubt that thick eyelashes certainly enhances the eyes.

Over the years women have used several beauty products to achieve thicker eyelashes, such as growth serum, eyelash curlers and the most common- mascara. The humble mascara which evolved from a mixture of coal powder and petroleum jelly has certainly come a long way. Nowadays there are a whole range of mascara’s available on the market- powder mascara, cream mascara, lengthening mascara, thickening mascara and the latest trend, non-clumping mascara. The different mascara variants arise as the need for something more came up, for instance –mascara that added volume if the eyelashes were very sparse.

The humble mascara comes with its own set of problems- it is really hard to find one that is smudge proof, sweat proof and yes, tear proof. Chances are we have all ended up having panda eyes at one time or another. Not to mention the tedious removal process- so many healthy eyelash hairs have been sacrificed in the process- especially if you use waterproof mascara.

Have you heard of Magnetic False Eyelashes?

These new age faux eyelashes are everything you will ever want!

The conventional strip false lashes requires lash glue for application, there are a variety of formulas available on the market such as latex-free glue, waterproof glue, clear, white or pigmented glue.

The process of application sounds simple enough- trim the eyelashes as per your requirement, apply glue on the false eyelashes, wait for 30 seconds and press the false eyelash over your natural lash line moving outwards, voila, you have the perfect eyelashes. If only, it was as simple as it sounded.

Unsteady hands, glue-laden eyelashes or a mismatch in the application,  can literally leave you in a sticky situation. I am sure all these woes sound familiar to everyone who has battled with strip eyelashes.

Step-up your Eyelash Game with Magnetic False Lashes

There are two strips of lashes for each eye- the upper and the lower lash which can be separated with a red dot.  Unlike conventional eyelashes, instead of glue, these eyelashes have a magnetic strip in the center that acts as an adhesive. 

Application Process

The upper strip is placed on top of your natural eyelash and the lower strip is placed below the natural eyelash, move it into place so that the magnets of upper false lash and lower false lash are aligned and ‘click’ into place to stick.

You can apply mascara prior to the application of false eyelashes, this gives an added grip while helping the natural lashes to blend in.

Removal Process

Simply use your thumb and forefinger to gently slide the magnets of the upper and lower lashes apart. Make sure that you never pull the eyelash apart, since the magnets are stuck together, you can hurt yourself. With practice, the application and removal process gets easier. After removal make sure to place them separately and mindfully in their correct ‘upper’ and ‘under’ places.

Customize your lashes per the look you want to achieve. The magnetic false lashes are available in a variety of shapes, volumes, and lengths, choose one as per your requirement.

Magnetic false lashes are appealing as they are reusable if you have used mascara over these lashes, gently wipe off the mascara. They don’t require any kind of glue that is likely to harm your natural eyelashes. They are low maintenance.

Currently, there are already two versions on the market; the difference between them is the placement of magnets. The newer version of false lashes has three to six, smaller almost invisible magnets embedded on the lash. These magnets help to lay it in place seamlessly without budging out in the middle.

Magnetic false lashes are definitely a game changer in the eyelash world, and they give a glimmer of hope to all of us who are ‘lash-challenged’.

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