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Which should you choose when deciding between big vs. small magnetic lash styles? That's what we'll be covering in today's post! We're going to be comparing our two biggest magnetic lashes with our two smallest magnetic lashes.


At MoxieLash, we pride ourselves in having lashes that are going to fit all different types of eye shapes and all different moods, so today we wanted to show you both ends of the lash size spectrum. Whether you like big and bold lashes or you like to go a little lash incognito, we have the perfect lash style for you!

Big Vs. Small Magnetic Lash Styles



In today's comparison on big vs. small magnetic lash styles, we'll be keeping it simple by going in order from our smallest to biggest lashes. Let's get to it!

Cheeky Lash


Our Cheeky Lash is the smallest accent lash that we have. They’re perfect for really small eyes, and for women who like to wear lashes without looking like they're wearing lashes. You'll love them if you love the natural look! These lashes will add the perfect emphasis to your beautiful eyes without being super overwhelming for you while you're wearing them. Beauty plus comfort is always a win!


Classy Lash


The Classy 10MAG Lash is our second smallest magnetic lash style. They’re made out of silk, and are the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a more natural look. You can wear them all day, every day while still being super comfortable! These lashes are our top pick for women with smaller eyes because they still add some volume and fullness without taking up your entire eye. They’re perfect for people with monolid eyes.


Boujie Lash


Boujie Lash

$30.00 $25.00

Boujie Lash

$30.00 $25.00



Our runner-up for our biggest magnetic lashes is the Boujie Lash - a gorgeous magnetic falsie made out of premium mink. This lash is full of drama and is designed to turn heads! They’re perfect for deep-set eyes and almond eyes. These lashes are long and curled, so they'll open up your eyes and enhance their size.

Bossy Lash

Now, for our biggest lashes of all — the Bossy Lash! They’re designed for really big and beautiful eyes. While all of our lashes will call a lot of attention, the Bossy Lash is going to SCREAM your presence across the room and definitely get you noticed. The Bossy Lash is sure to make you feel like a true boss babe and is perfect if you have deep-set eyes.


Now that you've read about our big vs. small magnetic lash styles, we hope that you're now able to decide which lashes are a match for you! Our smallest lashes will make you feel naturally beautiful, and our biggest lashes will have you feeling bold and make you the center of attention. If you're still having trouble choosing between the two, you can always try out both and have the best of both worlds!

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